Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Democrats Are Still in a Stage of Denial

The Democratic Post Morten on the Election Wipeout Several different numbers of grief have been promulgated. They almost all start with denial. Many Democrats are still in denial that their magnificent candidate, Secretary Hillary Clinton, could lose to that boorish Donald Trump. Reince Pribus led the Republican Party into s deep post-mortem after the 2012 loss to President Obama. The study prepared several suggestions, many of which Donald Trump ignored in this election. Be that as it may, the RNC took a detailed examination of their failure. Not the DNC and the Democratic leadership. They know why Hillary lost: Alt-right Russian hacking Vladimir Putin hated Clinton Angry White Men Huma Abedin Fake News FBI Director Comey The archaic Electoral College; she won the popular vote Inability to Communicate Message Voter suppression (Voter ID statutes) White Racism Note to DNC, those are not the causes. These are: A flawed candidate, who could not connect with voters An elitist, lying, programmed flawed candidate An elitist bi-coastal Party out of touch with Americans Hubris EMAILS THE CLINTON FOUNDATION A campaign, whose theme was “I’m not Trump” Ran as the status quo rather than a positive program A rigged primary election Irrelevant fact checkers A campaign based on identity politics Computer models and data mining are valuable tools, but they cannot measure the pulse of voters It’s the Economy, Stupid Offer welfare and unemployment to coal miners Don’t be bothered by the small size of your crowds and the large crowds at Trump rallies Yard signs don’t indicate anything Don’t campaign in Wisconsin Ignore Christian voters and trash traditional values In your face social issues Black Lives matter, but so do white lives, yellow lives, brown lives, and Blue Lives ObamaCare Open Borders The War on Coal Dodging the press and limited campaign appearances Americans want jobs, not a transformation

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