Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Robert Mueller Is Fueling the Flames of Impeachment

“If we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said that.” The job of the Special Counsel is not to indict or acquit the President. It was to decide whether or not probable cause existed to file charges. If the answer is No, then the recourse is to stop. The presumption of innocence takes over. Not for the special Counsel. He left the innuendo that the President might have obstructed justice, but provided exactly ZERO facts to support that statement. Robert Mueller really said “We know President Trump is guilty of something, but we have no proof.” He said that the report controls. There are no such facts in the Report!!!! 448 pages and not one factual accusation of obstruction. His staff was full of Obama and Clinton supporters. They wanted to nail President Trump, but found no evidence.. The Republic is in danger The House Democrats and Democratic Presidential candidates are clamoring for Impeachment. The howls are up: Impeach, Impeach, Impeach. Where’s the presumption of innocence? Where’s the proof? President Nixon’s tapes showed he was involved with the Watergate cover-up. Where are the facts on President Trump? Not one fact in the 448 page Mueller report. Kenneth Starr’s report on President Clinton contained 11 specific accusations of criminal violations. Not one in the 448 page Mueller Report. President Clinton was impeached for obstruction of justice. He lost his law license and paid a fine. Where’s the facts? FBI Director James Comey said Hillary Clinton had committed many violations with mess, but lacked criminal intent. Where are the facts with the Mueller report? The founders were concerned about mob rule. They drafted the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect the people and the minority against mob rule. Innuendos are not facts, but to the sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome, facts are irrelevant. The Democrats are playing with fire. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thought he was brilliant in ending the filibuster on judicial appointees to the federal district and appellate courts. He wanted to stack the federal judiciary with liberal judges appointed by President Obama. What goes around comes around. The Republicans under Senate Majority Leader McConnell dropped the filibuster for Supreme Court appointees, eliminated the blue card system for judicial appointments, and shortened the debate period on appointments. Thus, President Trump in two years appointed over 100 judges, including two Supreme Court justices, to the Bench The Republicans will remember and pay back the vicious treatment received by Justice Kavanaugh. If the Democrats vote to impeach President Trump, then most assuredly a Republican Congress will vote to impeach, and with enough votes in the Senate, remove an unpopular Democratic President.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Theresa May (L.I.P. July 13, 2016 - June 7, 2019)

Prime Minister Theresa Maye is out as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She served almost three years, but was never fully in. Instant history is dangerous, but as of now she is the most incompetent British Prime Minister of both the 21st Century and the 20th Century. Several have been immemorable; some have been great, such as Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, but her record is one of continuous failure. Margaret Thatcher, she was not. She hungered for the job, but exemplified the Peter Principle in action. She could be a bureaucrat or functionary, but she lacked vision and judgment to be a leader. Prime Minister David Cameron called a national plebiscite on Brexit, believing the British voters would vote it down. The vote was 52-48% Brexit - to leave. Cameron also left. He immediately resigned as Prime Minister, to be replaced by Theresa May. The Tories settled on her as their new leader, eventhough she had opposed Brexit. She promised to fulfill the voters’ will, but her head and heart weren’t in it. She doubled down on his misjudgment. She said she would not call a snap election. Of course, she called one on April 27, 2017 for June 7, 2017, leading by 21% in the polls. She expected to augment the narrow Conservative majority in Parliament. The conservatives lost their majority. She lost political power. She had become, although she didn’t realize it, a lame duck. She needed the votes of the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland to remain Prime MInister. She had three options: 1) A hard Brexit – just leave 2) A soft Brexit – negotiate a mutually agreeable Brexit with the EU 3) Remain in the EU October 31, 2019 is now the Brexit exit date, and it appears to be a hard Brexit. She went to Chequers a year ago and emerged with what she thought was a brilliant, clever plan. It would satisfy everyone. It satisfied no one – not the Brexiters, remainders, EU, or the people. The proposal was crafted in private, and defeated in Parliament. She had no leverage in Parliament or with the EU. She kept coming across as a battered down supplicant begging for mercy: tweaking, begging, pleading, meeting with rejection after rejection.. Scores of cabinet members resigned or were canned, but political opposition kept mounting. Admittedly, she was dealt a poor hand, but played it even poorer. The first problem was Ireland. An open border for trade and travel has existed between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for a couple of decades. Peace has ensued. If the UK with Northern Ireland leaves the EU, then in theory a border wall will have to be erected between the two Irelands and customs imposed. EU leaders know the EU is increasingly becoming unpopular with many members as the bureaucrats in Brussels increasingly intrude on domestic sovereignty. They are worried about other countries wanting out, so they are trying to make it as difficult as possible to leave. They exacted a highly favorable exit agreement with the Prime Minister with €41.8 billion She went to Chequers and emerged with a plan, the plan, her plan, which no one wanted. She had no vision, no creativity. She is clueless about negotiations. She could have obtained leverage with the EU by seeking trade deals outside the EU. President Trump offered her an incredible deal with the United States. She rejected it, turning inward to “create” a proposal designed to accommodate all parties. She could have sought favorable trade agreements with other countries. But No! She knew better. She had a fantastic plan She was in control. She was never in control. Her plan was doomed from the beginning. She kept begging and pleading. The British people voted for Brexit. They are the same as the Yellow Vests in France and the “deplorables” in the United States, the people – not the elites. The British know they achieved greatness independent of the Continent. The Empire may be history, but British grit continues. Her incompetence threatens the survival of the Conservative Party. It could conceivable result in the breakup of the United Kingdom with Scotland and Northern Ireland leaving. Leave in Peace, Theresa May Leave behind the chaos you created.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Capitalism versus Socialism

Capitalism Socialism You Earned It You Don’t Deserve It Liberates the Human Soul Deadens the Human Soul Engages the Human Spirit Subordinates the Human Spirit Encourages Effort Encourages Sloth Hard Work Lazy Ambition Envy Entrepreneur Redistributionist Builder Destroyer Maker Taker Producer User You Built It You Didn’t Build It Equality of Opportunity Equality of Poverty Succeeded with Pilgrims Failed with Pilgrims All Animals are Equal Some Pigs are More Equal (Animal Farm) Innovation Stasis at Best You pay Free to Me Apple Pie Pie in the Sky IPhone Obama Phone Freedom Tyranny Choice Command The One One Size Fits All Freedom of Choice Nanny State Individual Collective Competition Monopoly Market Forces Central Planning by Government Bureaucrats Efficiency Inefficiency Property Rights Collective Rights USA USSR, Cuba, Venezuela China China South Korea North Korea West Germany East Germany Freedom of Religion Secular Humanism Reality Utopia

Friday, May 17, 2019

New York City Mayor Bill "Groundhog Killing" De Blasio's Qualifications (?) for President of the United States

22 Democrats and one Independent are currently seeking the Democrat nomination for President. Quick Question: Name all 23 Quick Question: Which will be the first to drop out? Quick Question: Who will ultimately win the nomination? Easy Question: Which is the most likely to be indicted for corruption? Answer: New York City Mayor Bill “Groundhog Killing” De Blasio Let’s look at Bill DE Blasio, nee William Wilhelm, Jr., qualifications for President: An ardent supporter of the Sandinistas His relentless war, as a payback to campaign supporters, on the tourist popular Central Park horses and carriages Real estate transactions reeking of pay to play His reputation for chronic tardiness Losing Amazon’s 25,000 jobs Pushing a billionaire’s tax, starting at $500,000 His stopping the successful “Stop and Frisk” policy Dissing and trashing the police His opposition to glass and steel high rises and threats to excessively tax existing ones in the name of the New Green Deal Being booed at an announcement at Trump Tower The imposition of a “congestion” tax on drivers Driving gas guzzling SUV’s everywhere, including to the gym, and even wrong way on streets Dirty, broken down subways Reversing the 20 years of Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg making New York City safe and clean His war against charter schools The Mayor’s failed $773 million Renewal plan for turning around struggling public high schools The $1.3 billion New York Works job creation program which resulted in 3,000 new jobs at a cost of $100,000 each A federal monitor assuming power over the New York City Housing Authority with billions in deferred maintenance, lead paint, mold, leaky roofs, heating problems, and plumbing problems His attempts to force into the city’s 8 prestigious magnet academic high schools, include Stuyvesant High, Bronx High School of Science, and Brooklyn Technical High, by eliminating the single entrance exam eventhough their admissions policies are governed by the state and not the city Increase in the homeless to 60,000 Shortly after his January inauguration in 2014 a vicious snowstorm struck New York City. His house was plowed while the City was shut down by impassable roads Dropping a groundhog to its death The 109th Mayor of New York City may or may not be the worst in New York City history, but he’s certainly high on that list. He’s running on his rhetoric, not his record

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Query to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez and Her Democratic Socialists: Which of These Were Conceived, Created, or Invented by Government?

Garbage Disposals Apple IPod IPad Touch IPhone MacBook Personal Computers Amazon Google Facebook Instagram Twitter Lyft Uber Airbnb Microsoft Semi-Conductors Transistors Microprocessors Video Games Air Conditioning Typewriters Word Processing Mobile Phones Digital ATM’s Automobiles Trucks Farm Equipment Construction Equipment Cranes Elevators New York City Subway System Telephone Telegraph FAX WiFi Radio TV Black and White Color HD TV Laser Projectors and Projector Screens AV, Microphones, and Speakers Film and Photography Calculators Mechanical Electronic Clocks Watches Movies Recordings Books Hard Copy Electronic Newspapers Magazines Comics CD-ROMs DVDs X-Rays Stereo DirecTV Electricity Dishwashers Refrigerators Freezers Stoves Ovens Microwaves Washing Machines Dryers Plumbing Gasoline Heating Oil Natural Gas Solar Panels Plastic Disposable Diapers Toilet Paper Toiletries Barbie Lego Insurance Credit NONE OF THE ABOVE ; THE LIST CAN GO ON AND ON Look around your residence, office, surroundings: How many came from the government? How much of your lifestyle comes from the government? Query: What can the Democratic Socialists bring to America and the world to improve the quality of our life?

Friday, May 10, 2019

May 10, 1869: Promontony Point, Utah: The Transcontinental Railroad United the States of the United States

East met West. The Central Pacific met the Union Pacific. The Jupiter met the 119. The products of the East could cross the produce of the West. California Governor Leland Stanford drove the 17.6 karat Golden Spike, made in California, to unite the track. The Civil War united the Union politically, but not geographically The East and Midwest were separated from California by over 1,000 miles of territories. The completed route was 1776 miles (690 miles on the SP and 1086 miles on the UP) from Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California. Options to California included three months by Wagon Train. If they erred, they could end up like the Donner party. Ships around Cape Horn were an alternative. The shipment of the locomotives, cars, track, switches and other supplies took 200 days to get from the East to the West via Cape Horn. A variation would be ship to the Isthmus of Panama, over land, and then a ship on the other coast. An express train from New York City on June 4, 1876 reached San Francisco, California in 83 hours and 39 minutes. The railroad had been contemplated for over a decade, but two related political issues prevented its construction. The first was the location of the eastern terminus: Would it be in the North or South? The second was a fear by the South was that a transcontinental railroad would lead to non-slave states in the western territory, as in Bloody Kansas. The South seceded. The railroad succeeded. The Pacific Railway Act of July 1, 1862 authorized construction from Omaha, Nebraska (outside the reach of the Confederate Army) to Sacramento, California. The Big Four became fabulously rich. The Central Pacific morphed into the Southern Pacific, which labeled itself as the “Friendly SP,” but was best known as “The Octopus.” It’s unofficial operating motto was “All the traffic will bear.” The “Big Four,” Governor Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins and Collis P. Huntington, names are still prominent in California, especially Stanford University. The transcontinental Railroad was a harbinger of the future. First, it was financed by government subsidies. 30 year government bonds paying 6%. $16,000/20 mile section on the plains, $32,000/20 mile section on the plateau between the Rockies and the Sierras, and $48,000/20 mile section in the mountains. The Central Pacific got Congress to move the Sierras west to increase the mountain mileage. The other subsidy was giving the railroads alternate sections of land (about 1280 square miles) in a checkboard pattern per mile of track Two other transcontinental railroads, the Northern Pacific and the Santa Fe also reived federal government subsidies. Second, it was characterized by corruption and shady business practices. The Central Pacific’s Big Four and the financiers of the Union Pacific, especially Thomas C. Durant created their privately owned construction companies to siphon off moneys from the railroads. The UP’s company was the Credit Mobilier of America , characterized by bribery, corruption, stock manipulation, and bankruptcy by the Union Pacific within three years of the Golden Spike. The Credit Mobilier was one of the first great financial scandals of the young nation. Third, the railroads played games with the government subsidies. The railroads met in Promontory Point instead of Ogden, Utah to add an additional 43 miles of track. Fourth, the Army, led first by Sherman and then by Sheridan, was sent West to protect the railroad. The railroad spanned the country, but at a cost. The Army was sent West to protect the railroads. The Native Americans were placed in reservations and the Buffalo rendered nearly extinct. The Central Pacific hired Chinese to build much of the railroad. They worked harder for less wages than the whites, engendering eight decades of racial prejudice against Asian Americans.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What Was Once Investigate, Impeach, Indict President Trump is Now Impugn, Intimidate, Indict, and Besmirch Attorney General Barr: Why

Investigate, Impeach, Indict President Trump is Now Impugn, Intimidate, Indict and Besmirch Attorney General Barr: Why? The Democrats are politically scared of Attorney General Barr. He holds the key to unlock the Clinton – FBI – DOJ – Brennen – Clapper - Schiff Cabal and Collusion. They are scared that grand jury investigations and indictments will destroy the Russian Collusion delusion. They know that neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post could ignore, or even spin, those developments. MSNBC, CNN and other sufferers of the Trump Derangement Syndrome would probably label investigations or indictments as vindictive acts by a tyrannical President and his lackey Attorney General, but the general public would know the truth. They know he is looking into the Clinton emails, FBI Director Comey’s bogus Clinton investigation, the FISA Requests, the Fusion GPS Steele Russia Dossier, and the spying, surveillance, whatever you call it, on the Trump Campaign, the transition period, and the Presidency. They dread the upcoming Inspector General Michael Horowitz, an Obama appointee, report on the FISA abuses.. They’ve had to move past the Russian Collusion to obstruction. They failed, much to their dismay, on Russian Collusion, but they still want to destroy the Trump Administration. They will fail on obstruction. They believe they have to undermine and destroy Attorney General Barr to save themselves. Speaker Pelosi called the Attorney General a liar, a “lap-dog” for President Trump, and an “enabler” of obstruction. The best defenses can be a good offence or a preemptory strike. Representative Jerry Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is trying both. It’s a charade. The obstruction and contempt of Congress charges are as specious as the Russian Collusion Delusion. Don Corleone said “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” Chairman Nadler made Attorney General Barr an offer he could not accept. The Chairman and the Attorney General both knew that the AG would be violating the law if he turned over the full, unredacted Mueller Report. The AG cannot reveal by law Grand Jury proceedings. Nor do did discuss, unlike FBI Director Comey and Secretary Clinton, reports of an ongoing investigation which results in a decision not to prosecute. The AG prepared a less redacted for, 98.5%%, version of the Mueller Report for Committee members to read and take notes. Not one Democrat did. Chairman Nadler was allowed to read almost all of the report. He didn’t. Instead, he’s yelling contempt. AG Barr explained to Congress that he would be happy to comply if Congress changed the law. That’s not going to happen. The House Judiciary Committee today voted to hold Attorney General Barr in Contempt of Congress for refusing to violate the law and commit a crime. That will go nowhere if it ever gets to court. Imagine Contempt of Congress before the House Judiciary Committee when Representative Steve Cohen (D. Tenn.) showed up Monday morning eating a bucket of KFC chicken to demonstrate AG Burr was a coward for a non-show. The chicken chomping Cohen said “Chicken Barr should have shown up today and answered questions.” Where’s the contempt in Congress? Chairman Nadler earlier said: “The choice is simple. We can stand up to this president in defense of the country and the constitution we love or we can let the moment pass by.” We could also stand up for the Constitution and the rule of law. Chairman Nadler today said “We are now in a Constitutional Crisis.” We are, because the Democrats are pandering to the left wing-nuts of the far left in the Party. It's all rhetoric based on nothing factual. The Democrats in their fury are playing with fire, constitutional fire. The Democrats have five options with their comptempt citation: 1) Have the Department of Justice prosecute their boss, the Attorney General. Didn't happen with Attorney General Holder in the Obama Administration, and won't happen in the Trump Administration; 2) File suit in federal district court to enforce the citation. Even the most liberal federal judge would be leery of ordering the Attorney General to commit a crime; 3) Send the House Sergeant at Arms to arrest Attorney General Barr and throw him in the House jail. That would initiate a armed conflict between the Sergeant at Arms and the federal marshalls who protect the AG; 4) Sit on it and let the media run with it; or 5) Sit on it, and do nothing. Speaker Pelosi has chosen #4 so far.