Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Capitalism versus Socialism

Capitalism Socialism You Earned It You Don’t Deserve It Liberates the Human Soul Deadens the Human Soul Engages the Human Spirit Subordinates the Human Spirit Encourages Effort Encourages Sloth Hard Work Lazy Ambition Envy Entrepreneur Redistributionist Builder Destroyer Maker Taker Producer User You Built It You Didn’t Build It Equality of Opportunity Equality of Poverty Succeeded with Pilgrims Failed with Pilgrims All Animals are Equal Some Pigs are More Equal (Animal Farm) Innovation Stasis at Best You pay Free to Me Apple Pie Pie in the Sky IPhone Obama Phone Freedom Tyranny Choice Command The One One Size Fits All Freedom of Choice Nanny State Individual Collective Competition Monopoly Market Forces Central Planning by Government Bureaucrats Efficiency Inefficiency Property Rights Collective Rights USA USSR, Cuba, Venezuela China China South Korea North Korea West Germany East Germany Freedom of Religion Secular Humanism Reality Utopia

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