Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Witnesses the Senate Should Subpoena if the House Votes to Impeach President Trump

To Be or Not To Be That is the question To Impeach or Not To Impeach That is a question To Sanction or Nor to Sanction That is a Question To Do Nothing and Admit Three Years of Trying to Dump Trump That is not an option for the Democrats Let them impeach and send it to the Senate for a trial after Representative Nadler and his Judiciary Committee do their best to clean up Representative Schiff’s Intelligence Committee mess. The mantra of the Democrats from the time of the 2016 Election was to Investigate, Impeach, Indict. Give the Democrats want to want – a trial after the impeachment. A full trial!!! The Senate Judiciary Committee should hold hearings on the continuous three year campaign to impeach President Trump going back to before the inauguration. Root out the elements of the coup attempt. Evidence clearly shows the FBI and DOJ (Strzok-Page texts ) along with James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennen, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (early sympathizer of the Communist Party), were engaged in a conspiracy to deny Donald Trump the Presidency, or if elected, remove him from office: The 25th Amendment, the Fusion GPS/Russian/Steele Dossier, the “insurance policy,” Russian collusion, Stormy Daniels, Avenatti, Mueller, and now the Ukraine, whatever it takes. Subpoena them all: James Comey John Brennen James Clapper Andrew McCabe Bruce Ohr Nellie Ohr Peter Strozk James Baker Lisa Page Sally Yates Christopher Steele Michael Isikoff Perkins Coie, the law firm making the payment to Fusion GPS Marc Elias, Perkins Coie partner Alexandra Chalupa, the Ukrainian American consultant to the DNC and the Ukrainian Government Eric Ciaramella, the alleged faux whistleblower Fiona Hill Lt. Colonel Alexander Windman Hunter Biden Andrew Weissmann U.N. Ambassador Samantha Powers, who unmasked hundreds of Americans Almost all will take the 5th Amendment, but it would still be a circus as the Senate interlocutors ask question after question - questions and witnesses Adam Shifty Schiff forbad in the House. The more that take the 5th, the more the American people will understand a conspiracy, much more than a collusion, existed to first prevent, and second to remove, the Trump Presidency. Don’t forget Representatives Nadler and Schiff and their staff. The representatives will refuse to appear. Article I, Section 8, Clause 2 of the Constitution provides that for members of Congress “for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.” Their staffs have no such immunity. Representative Schiff’s staff met with the faux whistle blower, is believed to have coached him, and drafted his whistle blowing letter. The Democrats profess to want to get to the truth. They opened up a can of worms if they impeach President Trump. Let the Senate drag the truth out – up to election day.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Senator Elizabeth Warren Tells Us She Is a Capitalist: She's Selling a Bridge In Brooklyn and Peddling Snake Oil

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a capitalist. She tells us so! Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to nationalize 18%, almost 1/5, of the nation’s economy. That’s socialism -not capitalism. She proclaims she is a capitalist. She is either ignorant or duplicitous. She must know, they’re in the news, that the federal government has a mediocre record with its forays into providing medical care with the VA, Indian Health Service, and Walter Reed Army Hospital. Senator Elizabeth Warren was a Native American. She told us so. She’s not!!!! Elizabeth Warren knew she was Native American because of her high cheekbones. ?????? Elizabeth warren used affirmative action to secure tenured teaching positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University. She was the only graduate of a public law school on the Harvard Law School faculty. No matter how good the University of Houston and Rutgers University are, graduates of these colleges and law schools do not get faculty positions at Harvard Law School. She claims she did not know Harvard Law School listed her as a Native American in its annual federal diversity forms. She built her professional career on a lie. Senator Warren says she’s a capitalist, but here’s what she said in a September 2011 video: “I hear all this, you know, ‘Well this is class warfare.’ No, there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own – nobody. You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory – and someone to protect against this – because of the work the rest of us did. Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea. Keep a big chunk of it, but part of the underlying social contract is. You take a chunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes forward.” President Obama copied her statement in 2012: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build it.” She proclaimed: “It’s just wrong to call me a socialist.” She wants to nationalize 18% of the nation’s economy, and regulate the rest. Socialists like to spend other people’s money. She’s looking to spend 30 trillion dollars of other’s monies. The Presidential candidate says she wants to save capitalism by reforming it. Her “reforms” will replace capitalism with statism. Senator Elizabeth Warren proclaims she’s for the middle class. Elizabeth Warren consulted for or represented LTV, Travelers Insurance Company, Dow Chemical, Fairfield, and the Hunt family. Middle class? Her hourly billing rate was $675.00. Middle class? She’s a convert to progressivism, having been a die-hard conservative, registered Republican until 1996. She has a plan for everything: family farms, student loans, Medicare for All, child care, clean power, education, seemingly everything except growing the economy. The cost: $3 trillion annually on top of the current $4.6 billon budget, which is running a $1 billion deficit. Her plans will create another 20 government agencies. She will unleash an army of bureaucrats onto the American people and economy. She says she will pay for it by taxing the wealthy: wealth taxes, income taxes, estate taxes. Her wealth tax will start at 2% on $50 million and rise to 6% on $1 billion. She calls it a billionaire tax. A wealth tax on $50 million is only $950 million short of a billion. History tells us that the cost estimates are always low while the estimated revenues (taxes, fees, et al) are overly optimistic. The result is that Senator Warren’s 2%-6% wealth tax will rise while the lower limit of $50 million will drop. The wealthy lack the wealth to fund her redistributionist schemes. Nor do most people, including the wealthy, possess large amounts of cash or other liquid assets. No problem she says. They can pay the tax in stock or illiquid assets. That’s expropriation through the guise of taxation. It will be the death knell of family businesses. Her K-12 education plan promises $800 million over 10 years; it is a sop to the teachers unions while crushing charter schools. Senator Warren the other day said to a pro school choice advocate that she sent her children to public schools. Oops! Wrong again! Her son went to an expensive private school. Why should anyone believe what she says? And then we have her non-termination for being pregnant. She has said many times that she was terminated from her teaching position in 1971 when she became visibly pregnant: “At the end of the first year, I was visibly pregnant.” “The principal wished me luck and hired someone else for the job.” Her pregnancy termination claim is as valid as Hillary Clinton’s landing under fire. The 1971 Riverdale, New Jersey School Board minutes show the Board unanimously voted her a second year. The June 1971 minutes say her resignation was “accepted with regret.” She was leaving to raise a family. Another great sympathetic story, but yet again a falsehood. She says she wants the successful to pay their “fair share,” which is never defined. The burden will be on the middle class, while she sucks money out of the private economy. Her central planning will unleash an army of millions of bureaucrats on America. Her central planning will cripple the American spirit of independence, creativity, initiative and entrepreneurism. Central planning is the opposite of capitalism. She avers she wants to save capitalism by reforming it. She will destroy capitalism, just like the old medical joke: “The operation was a success, but the patient died.” She asserts “I am a capitalist, but markets need to work for more than just the rich.” They do: they work for the majority of Americans with company retirement funds, IRAs, 401K’s, and other pension plans. She is as much a capitalist as she is Native American. Who knows what Senator Elizabeth Warren really believes? She is a rank opportunist, an equal opportunity opportunist. .

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Focus Groups Are Not Grounds for Impeachment; Neither are Presumptions and Admitted Ignorance: Miscellaneous Musings on the Faux Impeachment.

Speaker Pelosi’s letter of the day is “B” for bribery. Why bribery? A focus group preferred bribery over quid pro quo and extortion as more damning to the President. The Democrats case against the President is so specious that they have to resort to focus groups to decide the right rhetoric to use against the President. Memo to Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch, the Democrats, and the media: The President has the power to recall an ambassador at any time for any reason, as well as fire the Director of the FBI and Attorney General at any time for any reason. Memo to the Democrats, the media, the foreign policy establishment, and the intelligence agencies: 1) A fundamental disagreement over the foreign policy of the United States is not grounds for impeachment; 2) The President has the power to conduct the foreign policy of the United States – not the State Department or the intelligence agencies. The honorable recourse if they disagree is to resign. Policy differences with the foreign policy establishment are not a ground for impeachment, but for the electorate; 3) Not one testifying witness averred a criminal act by the President, much less bribery; 4) Words such as “concerned,, “dismayed,” “improper” “unusual,” “inappropriate,” are not “Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Ambassador Gordon Sondland is reported by the media yesterday morning to have damned President Trump. He said in his prepared statement: “Was there a quid pro quo?” He answered “With regard to the requested White House call and White House meeting, the answer is yes.” He said “Everyone was in the loop.” He never actually said what the quid pro quo was. Halleluiah to the Democrats, the media, and the Trump haters. Or not! The critical question was asked by Republican Mike Turner to Ambassador Sondland: “Mr. Sondland, let’s be clear: no one on this planet – not Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo – no one told you aid was tied to political investigations, is that correct?” Ambassador Sondland answered: “that’s correct.” Cross-examination further got the Ambassador to admit that he had not included in his opening statement the following conversation with the President. The Ambassador asked the President the following question. What did you want from Ukraine? The President responded: “I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing.” Suddenly the media switched tones and questioned the Ambassador’s credibility. Not that it mattered to the Democrats, but when asked if he had evidence that the delay in military aid was linked to the investigation, the Ambassador admitted he was presuming the link to Trump. That summarizes all the testimony against the President to date: hearsay, presumptions, speculation, and ignorance. No smoking gun – no incriminating Watergate tape, no incriminating memos. Here’s what we know. The nation’s intelligence agencies conspired prior to President Trump’s election to destroy him, led by the unholy trinity of Brennen, Clapper, and Comey, subsequently joined by Representative Adam Schiff, who almost daily over two years popped up on nightly TV saying he had proof President Trump collaborated with the Russians, doing his best tail Gunner Joe McCarthy imitation. The witnesses told us how critical Ukraine's independence is for us, and why Ukraine needed the arms. These same career State Department officials were silent when Russia invaded Ukraine, seized the Crimea, and sponsored a proxy war in the eastern Ukraine. They were strangely silent when President Obama only sent MRE's (Mels Ready to Eat) to the Ukraine rather than arms. President Trump sent arms, including $70 million in Javalin anti-tank missiles, to the brave Ukrainian fighter. Yesterday's witness, Fiona Hill, had even written an Op-Ed in the Washington Post arguing against sending arms to Ukraine. The purpose of the impeachment proceedings was threefold. The first is to impeach President trump. That was a foregone conclusion as soon as he was elected. The Democrats rejected the election results and vowed to impeach him, The only question is what would they pin it on? The second reason was to satisfy their rabid base and the AOC's of Congress. The third reason was to actually find something and thereby inflame public opinion to impeach the President. Whatever some of them say, the Trump Impeachment is not the second coming of President Nixon. There is no smoking gun. It’s a sad commentary on America’s democracy that the Democratic House of Representatives has spent the past three years attempting to remove the elected President from Office, over-turning the will of the voters. It’s further distressing that they have spent the past year trying to impeach him without any Constitutional grounds. The Democrats are fly-specking President Trump’s written answers to the House Judiciary Committee to establish if he committed perjury. The Trump Impeachment is a modern update of the 2400 year old trial of Socrates. Socrates was framed because he questioned the power structure of Athens. The House Democrats are attempting to frame President Trump because he is both outside and questioning the Washington power structure and the foreign policy establishment. A legal joke is “Don’t confuse me with the facts; I know the Law.” Representative Adam Schiff is not going to let neither the facts nor Law get in the way of the impeachment. Vice President Joe Biden said: ‘We choose truth over facts.” The Supreme Court held each house of Congress has the right to decide its rules of procedure in an impeachment. The Democrats chose to present one side of the case, rejecting the right of the Republicans to present their witnesses and limited their cross-examination of witnesses. No due process; that's technically fine. The Schiff Inquisition is a nothing burger full of hot air propped up by the media. To quote Gertrude Stein, slightly out of context: "There is no there, there."

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tom Turkey is Terrorizing Toms River Before Thanksgiving

Residents of New Jersey's Toms River, including Holiday City, are complaining of an invasion of a gang of gangly wild turkeys. The Toms River Terrorist Tom Turkeys have terrorized Toms River. Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, Hells Angels. Those are gangs. No self-respecting gang will be called The Turkeys! The wild turkeys bite, break windows, peck at cars, defecate and otherwise terrorize the community. The New Jersey residents are at a loss. They have lost their independence and spirit of self-help. The hapless Toms River officials are acting like turkeys. One official analogized the turkeys to speed bumps. Speed bumps don’t go 20MPH. Another said: “It’s nuisance wildlife we are not licensed to trap, relocate, or as they use the word, harass the turkeys or any wildlife, for that matter that’s a nuisance.” Sexual harassment is bad, but when did turkey harassment become verboten? The turkeys showed up in time for Thanksgiving, just like manna from heaven. Hunting wild turkeys is dangerous. The hunter must emulate the cooing of a female hen, attracting the male turkey into the open, hoping not to be shot by a drunken hunter shooting at the sound of the females. These turkeys are in the open, primed for plucking. The citizens should seize the opportunity. 25 pounds of organic, protein full turkeys for Thanksgiving. None of the caged fed supermarket turkeys. Baste the wild turkeys with Wild Turkey Bourbon. 60 wild turkeys could last for months. Write a Toms River Turkey Cookbook: Turkey Soup. Turkey Noodle Soup. Turkey Bacon. Turkey Burgers. Turkey Sausage. Turkey Casserole. Turkey Meatballs. Turkey Sandwiches. Turkey Stew. Ground Turkey. Turkey Cold Cuts. Boiled Turkey. Fried Turkey. Smoked Turkey. Turkey in a Crockpot. The Classic Turkey Legs They could also inaugurate the Annual Toms River Tom Turkey Derby with racing turkeys. The Toms River residents should remember Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird. They should respect the birds; give them their space. Instead they’re acting like the passengers on the sinking Titanic when the band played Turkey in the Straw.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Job Creation by Our Progressive Democrats/Democratic Socialists (Exluding Staff Positions)

Our progressive “socialist” wants to improve the country through socialism. Here’s their record on job creation: Senator Bernie Sanders, Mayor, Congressman, Senator 0 Congressman Beto O’Rourke 0 Senator Elizabeth Warren -2,000,000 Agrees her Medicare for All would eliminate 2 million jobs Vice President Joe Biden 0 Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -25,000 Senator Kamala Harris 0 Representative Ayanna Pressley 0 Representative Ilhan Omar 0 Representative Rashida Tialb 0 Seattle’s Democratic Socialists 0 Energy Production (Hydro, Nuclear, Fossil Fuel, Solar, Wind, Bio) Senator Bernie Sanders, Mayor, Congressman, Senator 0 Congressman Beto O’Rourke 0 Senator Elizabeth Warren 0 Agrees her Medicare for All would eliminate 2 million jobs Vice President Joe Biden 0 Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 0 Senator Kamala Harris 0 Representative Ayanna Pressley 0 Representative Ilhan Omar 0 Representative Rashida Tialb 0 Seattle’s Democratic Socialists 0 Time Spent working in the Private Sector Only Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and she failed Hot Air Generated Senator Bernie Sanders, Mayor, Congressman, Senator Congressman Beto O’Rourke Senator Elizabeth Warren Agrees her Medicare for All would eliminate 2 million jobs Vice President Joe Biden Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Senator Kamala Harris Representative Ayanna Pressley Representative Ilhan Omar Representative Rashida Tialb Seattle’s Democratic Socialists Astronomical

The Rise and fall of Representative Katie Hill

First the gods build you up, and then they tear you down. Katie ran a great campaign for Congress two years ago. She rose like a comet and crashed like a meteor. The Representative was anointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a leadership position. She was appointed co-chair of the Committee on Oversight and Reform. The executive of PATH, People Assisting the Homeless, a NGO for homeless, found herself in the halls of Congress at the age of 31. Representative Katie Hill had the future in her hands. She turned to a bong. Her career crashed last week, resigning from Congress. She was on a meteoritic rise: Katie Hill was the vanguard of the new woke Democratic Party. The young millennial had it all in the grasp of her hand, but she chose a bong. She knew she would be under a microscope; she told the Los Angeles Times last March: “Any mistake you make is going to be much more noticeable.” She then engaged in reckless personal behavior with intimate pictures. I caution students in today’s world not to take those photos or videos. The broader problem for her and others is that relationships do not always last. Breakups can be amicable or ballistic. The Hill-Heslep divorce is apparently a case of atoms splitting. She blames the disclosures on Kenneth Heslep, her vengeful, abusive soon-to-be ex-husband. The House voted a ban on members of Congress having relationships with staffers. She voted for the bill. Did she have a relationship with a Congressional staffer? She denies it. We live in a country still governed but the rule of Law. Katie Hill is entitled to a presumption of innocence, the same presumption of innocence she denied Judge Bret Kavanaugh, who she called a “serial predator.” She is entitled to the same presumption of innocence and due process as President Trump, whom she and her fellow Democrats are subjecting to a Star Chamber due process lacking impeachment. The story is that Speaker Pelosi did not pressure the Representative to resign. The Speaker said: “She has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued services a member untenable.” Someone forced Katie Hill to resign. A politician, such as Katie Hill, is ambitious with aspirations for higher office. She will not willingly “take one for the team.” Representative Katie Hill was thrown off the (Congressional) bus. She is collateral damage in the Trump impeachment. Her travails would have been a distraction to the impeachment. Thus, she was thrown under the bus. Sex trumps politics! She resigned with a “broken heart.” She declaimed the double standard, claiming to be the victim of a double standard, a misogynist culture. She can’t accept that Donald Trump is President. President Donald trump was elected by voters who voted on their issues, not any possible sordid past. Trump voters are well aware of the President’s personal history. Double standard? Senator Al Franken was forced to resign because od a photo, which lacked nudity. Double standard? Virginia voters just elected Democrat Joe Morrissey to the state senate. Joe Morrissey was convicted a few years ago of having sex with an underaged staffer. She said she resigned because “I will not allow myself to be a distraction from the constitutional crisis we are faced with, and the critical work of my colleagues.” The Representative said in her farewell speech to Congress: “I am leaving because I didn’t want to be peddled by shameless operatives for the dirtiest gutter politics that I have ever seen ……….” What about the dirty gutter politics used against Justice Brett Kavanaugh? She may have a drinking problem. That’s not unusual for members of Congress. That shouldn’t disqualify her from office. The crux of the problem is not her relationships. Her mistake was not her acts; it was the photos, including an Iron Cross on an upper thigh. The photos and stories showed up in the Daily Mail, and the RedState blog, having allegedly been leaked by her abusive husband, who may also have other photos. He claims his computer was hacked. Even if it is “Revenge Porn” prohibited by California law, it’s out and the Daily Mail is in London, unfazed by California law. I don’t like her politics, but it is unfair for her being forced to resign because the decision should have been made by her constituents in the 2020 election. Ultimately, she should answer to them, not the House pooh-bahs.

Friday, November 1, 2019

WarrenCare: Medicare for All: ObamaCare Redux

Senator Elizabeth Warren has plans for everything: free, free, free; tax the rich! She finally released her funding plan for Medicare for All. She admitted about 2 million people will lose their jobs. That’s collateral damage for universal health care, or as she said “”part of the cost issue.” She said it would cost $52 trillion over 10 years, an average of $5.2 trillion per year. The 2019 federal budget is roughly $4.407 trillion, almost a trillion less than her proposal, which as per usual government projections is a substantial under-estimate of the true costs. She wants to more than double the federal government, essentially socializing not just health care but the economy. At least her proposal does not repeat the lies of ObamaCare: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” You won’t have a choice under WarrenCare, assuming you can find a doctor “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it” One plan, the government plan, fits all. “Premiums will decline by $2,500 per year for families” She’s promising to return $11 trillion to American families – her-self proclaimed “biggest tax cut in our history.” I have a bridge in Brooklyn for you. She’s promising no tax increases for the middle class: “Not one penny in middle-class tax increases.” So did President Obama Senator Bernie Sanders is honest about proposing tax increases She claims taxing corporations and payroll taxes will pay for WarrenCare: $15 trillion in new taxes – but not on the middle class. I have a Bridge in Brooklyn for you. Corporations don’t pay taxes. They pass them on to their customers. The Senator will double down on her already proposed wealth tax. She proclaimed: “When fully implemented, my approach to Medicare for All would mark one of the greatest middle class wealth in history.” I have a Bridge in Brooklyn for you. A basic rule of economics: The more you raise taxes on capital, the less you will get as people and institutions change their behavior. The rich, the hedge funds, et al, have neither the funds or inclination. Economics and history tell us you cannot suck that much money out of the private sector without doing substantial damage to the economy. The federal government has not proven a worthy provider of medical care. The Indian Health Service and hospitals is a disgrace. The Veteran’s Administration is still deficient in providing healthcare to our nation’s veterans. She proposes to lower costs by reducing payments to healthcare providers, including doctors and hospitals. That’s been a proven disaster with Medicaid. Here’s the questions: 1) Will doctors want to workforce the government? 3) Will the 152 million Americans on employer health insurance plans vote for it? 2) Will the public remember the false promises of ObamaCare? 4) Will the public support free medical care for the tens of millions of undocumented immigrants? 5) Will the traditional big business, big Wall Street funders of Democrats support President Trump instead? 6) Will the Congressional Democrats, remembering the political carnage of ObamaCare, vote to commit political suicide? 7) Can you imagine the chaos and carnage in shifting from the competitive marketplace to a monopolistic government bureaucracy? 8) Would Chief Justice Roberts vote to uphold WarrenCare? Buy gold!