Saturday, September 11, 2021

9/11 Is a Day of Remembrance and Solemnity, But Not For President Biden

Those who were alive on November 22, 1963 know where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated. I was in the high school locker room entering gym. Americans know where they were on September 11, 2001. 2,996 Americans perished on 9/11 due to 19 terrorists, Osama Bin-Ladin and Al Qaeda with the connivance of the Taliban, who provided them a safe haven. The tragedy of 9/11 brought Americans together, a time for unity. The America spirit rosed, no soared to the occasion. Americans mourned the dead and praised the heroes of United Flight 93. They died in Shanksville, but prevented the plane crashing into the Capitol or White House. Americans admired and prayed for the first responders, a number of whom have succumbed or suffer from 9/11 illnesses from the toxic air at Ground Zero. 9/11 is a sacred day, a solumn day, a somber day of remembrance - not a festive occasion. But not for President Biden. He would sully the significance and meaning of 9/11. The vain-glorious President Joe Biden planned to turn 9/11 into a celebratory ceremony to self-glorify himself – not to honor the fallen and those who served. Leaders can be glorified after a resounding victory – not an epochal defeat. Not President Biden. His fancible plan was to declare victory in Afghanistan and bring the troops home on 9/11. It was to be all about Joe, Joe, Joe. He lost the war that the Taliban could not win on its own. He left Americans and Afghan allies behind. He betrayed the fallen, the Afghans, and our NATO allies and demoralized the military, except for the top brass who went along with his flawed scheme. He emboldened America’s enemies. He ledt Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban - stronger than ever with American military equipment. He issued a prerecorded video yesterday calling for unity. He also promised unity in his January 20 Inauguration Address. He has consistently governed by divisiveness and blaming others. The chastened and taciturn President Biden visited the three sacred sites today: Ground Zero, Shanksville, and the Pentagon. September 11, 2021 is a day of infamy for Joe Biden.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

President Biden in His Mind Successfully Completed His Afghan Mission of Bugging out.

President Biden in His Mind Successfully Completed His Afghan Mission of Bugging Out The law student who graduated in the top half of the bottom ten percent of his law school class had a brilliant idea in his mind: Evacuate Afghanistan with minimal military casualties and declare victory on September 11. He’s been fixated for over a decade on getting out of Afghanistan and ending the war, totally out. Vice President Biden during National Security Council meetings said of Afghanistan: “We should get the heck out of there.” The late Richard Holbrooke quoted the Vice President saying he was “not sending my boy back there to risk his life on behalf of (Afghan) women’s rights…. That’s not what they’re there for.” He was not going to send his deceased son Beau back to Afghanistan or put American sons and daughters at risk. They were coming out quickly and safely. Reduce risk to the soldiers by bugging out quickly with no warning. President Trump’s plan was to evacuate the Americans, then the Afghan allies, followed by removing or destroying military equipment, and finally the military. That wasn’t President Biden’s approach. He started with the military withdrawal. The military pulled out of Bagram Air base on July 1 in the middle of the night, turning off the electricity at 3:00AM. He didn’t tell the Afghans, or our NATO allies who fought with America in Afghanistan. He expressed in his braggadocio Tuesday speech: “I was not going to extend this forever war and I was not going to extend a forever exit.” He claimed his withdrawal was “extraordinarily successful.” Left behind in his extraordinary successful bugout was the greatest loss of military equipment in world history: Blackhawk helicopters A-20 attack planes Humvees Drones Machine guns M 4’s and M 16’s Night vision goggles Biometric Collection Devices Left behind in the Fall of Afghanistan were people: AMERICAN CITIZENS: Men, Women, and Children stranded in Afghanistan American green card holders Afghan supporters to whom we pledged evacuation Afghan journalists American Pride The Atlantic Alliance NATO Left behind in Afghanistan: Presidential lies, vows, promises, and misstatements. Trust Truth Reality He shattered both global respect and fear of America If that is “extraordinarily successful,” then what would abject failure be? The people and equipment left behind - not a problem. A small price to pay for President Biden's mission of leaving Afghanistan with minimal casualties. The people left behind - not the Prresident's problem. Let Secretary Blinkin work it out. The lies and false statements - necessary to effectuate the pullout. Ignoring the scores of warnings - President Biden did what he had to do to leave Afghanistan. Very little of the past five weeks make sense unless you focus on the President's fixation to get out of Afghanistan. 13 fatalities by a suicide bomber – sad, but it could have been worse in his mind if he hadn’t kept the military out of harm’s way. Extending the perimeter around the airport would have risked the lives of the Marines and soldiers. Better for him that civilians take the risk. The cold calculation was that the Afghan Army could survive 6-18 months before a Taliban takeover. Biden would be out; Afghanistan’s collapse would not be on his watch. His fingerprints would not be on the Fall of Afghanistan. He would be celebrated for his political genius, one of the greatest in all history. He might even replace one of the slave owners on Mount Rushmore – no, that would be a stretch even for Biden. Of course he was checking his watch at Dover with the caskets ceremony. He was bored; he never should have been there; it was damn inconvenient for the 13 Marines, soldiers and sailors to die at Karzai Airport. Of course President Biden rolled his “f…ing eyes” as he met with family members of the deceased 13. He spoke of his late son Beau; the other sons and daughters were a distraction. Blame Trump. Blame the Americans who didn’t get out early. Blame the Afghans who stayed behind. Mission accomplished:” “Extraordinary Success!” in his mind. America is out of Afghanistan with minimal military casualties. Truth and reality will not intrude on his vision. If history is written by winners, then President Biden will be recognized as a consummate fool. The vainglory delusions of President Biden will be engraved in history with those of Nero and Chamberlain.