Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Will San Francisco School Board Vice President Alison Collins Resign or Wait to be Recalled?

WAmerica is now understanding it’s history of anti-Asian racism after the Atlanta shootings. Alison Collins is the Vice President of the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education. The African American is a strong opponent of racism. She identifies with her brothers and sisters who are the victims of White Privilege. She opposes meritocracy as the enemy of social justice. Alison Collins is an anti-Asian bigot who could not control her tweets. She was a leader of the San Francisco’s School Board’s decisions to culturally cancel 44 memorable Americans, such as Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Feinstein, often with little to no historical basic. I called the Board members ignoramuses on January 30, 2021 because of their studied indifference and ignorance of historical facts. They then proceeded to destroy, their soon to be renamed, Lowell High School, San Francisco’s magnet school of education for 7 decades. Alison Collins called Lowell’s admission policy “racist.” Lowell’s student body is 51% Asian American. She said at a public meeting on October 13, 2020: “When we talk about merit, meritocracy and especially meritocracy based on standardized testing … those are racist systems … You can’t talk about social justice, and then say you want to have a selective school that keeps certain kids out from the neighborhoods you think are dangerous.” They’ve also heeded the teachers union in keeping the children home this school year. The reaction to their collective incompetence has been a recall campaign For Board President Gabriela Lopez, Alison Collins, and Faauga Moliga. Then came the rediscovery of Alison Collins’ racist, anti-Asian tweets from 2016. She tweeted on December 4 “I grew up in mostly Asian Am schools and know this experience all to well. Many Asian Am believe they benefit from the ‘model minority’ BS. In fact many Asian American [teachers, students, and parents] promote these myths. They use white supremacist thinking to assimilate and ‘get ahead.’” That’s damning, but she couldn’t stop there. Nope, she continued: “Where are the vocal Asians speaking up against Trump? Don’t Asian Americans know they are on his list as well? Do they think they won’t be deported? Profiled? Beaten? Being a house [N word] is still being a [N word]. You’re still considered the ‘help’” Alison Collins is full of hatred. She has apologized to the Asian American community, blaming everything on Trump. She continued in her contrition “But whether my tweets are being taken out of context or not, only one thing matters right now. And that is the pain our Asian American brothers and sisters and siblings are experiencing. Words have meaning and impact.” Yes, they do. She says her tweets were “taken out of context.” The legal phrase “Res Ipsa Loquiter,” the thing speaks for itself, applies. Her tweet speak for themselves. She said it “Words have meaning and impact.” Mayor London Breed, 10 of 11 city supervisors, and two of her fellow Board of Education members have called for her resignation. The top 19 administrators in the central office of the San Francisco Unified School District condemned her statements. Mayor Breed twitted: “Our students and our API community deserve better.” She has become a political embarrassment and could drag many of her fellow radicals down in the next election. Worse of all for her electoral prospects, the head of the teachers union wants her out. She retains some support. Gabriela Lopez, the Board’s President, stands by her soulmate Alison Collins. President Lopez said: “I appreciate that Vice President Collins has apologized for he remarks.” She added “The City and County of San Francisco prides itself on restorative justice, and so does SFUSD. We will stand by each other and commit ourselves to work through the process of hurt and pain. We must fight against white supremacy and misogyny, not each other.” This message was posted on social media said Alison Collins was “one of the few consistent anti-racist voices amongst politicians in this city.” Yes, the anti-Asian bigot in consistently anti-racist, except when she’s not. Note to all: Racism is Racism! We also learn that the purpose of the San Francisco Unified School District is restorative justice – rather than education. Demographics are against them the school board members. San Francisco’s population is 45.4% Caucasian and 34% Asian American. 40% of the public school children in San Francisco are Asian American. The Chinese believe in education. That’s why Lowell’s student body is 51% Asian American. They will vote. (By way of full disclosure, I am a graduate of Lowell High School)

Sunday, March 21, 2021

A Short History of Anti-Asian-Animus in the United States (Published version at 2020 Diversity & Social Justice Forum 46)

San Francisco, California and the West With Anti-Asian Animus The current academic and economic success of Asian Americans masks the fact that they still face discrimination. Not until 1952 could Asian American immigrants become United States citizens. Even as late as the 1980’s, U.C. Berkeley and UCLA discriminated against Asian Americans in admission decisions, analogous to the quotas imposed on Jewish students by elite Eastern institutions earlier in the twentieth century. The history of voluntary immigration to the United States is a history of discrimination after the original British and Scottish immigrants as if immigrants had to prove themselves upon entry into the United States, starting with the Irish Catholics. As late as 1900 the following sign was in Boston windows: “NINA,” meaning “No Irish Need Apply.” The Chinese, Japanese, Italians, Poles and Jews faced tremendous discrimination, as do Hispanics today. The elite Ivies and other private universities discriminated against Jewish students when we graduated from high school, just as they discriminate against Asian American applicants today, using the same arguments they raised against the Jewish students, often referred to as “public high school” students. The Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine came to America on ships often called “coffin ships” because of their high mortality rates. These same vessels earlier transported slaves to the United States, but usually with a lower mortality rate. The slaves had economic value in the United States. The English simply wanted the Irish out of Ireland. Even today many 4th and 5th generation Irish Americans loathe the British just as generations of Armenian Americans hate the Turks. Some of us took a California history course in high school. I’m not sure the text book covered the history of racial discrimination against Asians, but I read a lot of history on the outside and became familiar with the awful story. Asian Americans faced discrimination in education, employment, immigration, law enforcement, housing, marriage, property rights, and voting. Racism started early in the West. The California legislature enacted in 1852 a “Foreign Miner’s License Tax” of $3 per month to discourage Chinese miners. San Francisco, beginning in 1850, prohibited Chinese from attending the public schools, and then followed the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision of “separate but equal” schools. A California school law of 1860 excluded “Negroes, Mongolians and Indians” from the public schools. The California Supreme Court held in 1854 that a Chinese could not testify against a Caucasian. California’s 1879 Constitution explicitly denied the vote to idiots, insane persons and “natives of China.” San Francisco banned “Chinese” laundries, but allowed “French” laundries. A famous photograph of the meeting of the Central Pacific railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad in Promontory Point Utah has been widely published. The photo omits the Chinese laborers who did most of the construction of the Central Pacific. Race riots and murder plagued Chinese populations throughout the 1800s. Scores of Chinese were killed in two notable instances. On October 24, 1871, 18 Chinese men and boys were killed in riots by 500 Anglos in Los Angeles. Rock Springs, Wyoming, witnessed the Chinese Massacre of 1885, in which Caucasian miners killed 28 Chinese, wounded 15, and chased hundreds out of the town. Individual lynchings were widespread. Very few Caucasians were ever successfully prosecuted for murdering Chinese immigrants. The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act initially suspended Chinese immigration for ten years and further held Chinese immigrants were ineligible to become naturalized citizens. It was renewed several times. The Japanese faced the same racism when they started immigrating to the mainland of the West Coast a century ago. Indeed, the Johnson-Reed Immigration Act (Japanese Exclusion Act of 1924) restricted all Asians from entering the United States. Conversely, Congress extended “naturalization” to African-Americans in 1870. California professional licensing measures excluded Asian non-citizens from several professions and occupations, including attorneys, physicians, teachers, pharmacists, veterinarians, hairdressers, cosmetologists, barbers, funeral directors, peddlers, and hunters. California also led the way for several western states in 1913 and 1920 by enacting Asian Land Exclusion Laws designed to prelude land ownership by “aliens ineligible for citizenship,” which under federal law meant Asian-Americans. The penalty for violating the statutes would be forfeiture of the land to the State. (Sidebar, scores of Chinese Americans were able to claim citizenship because the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 destroyed City Hall and the birth records. Who was to say they emigrated rather than being born in the U.S.?) The culmination of the animus was the internment of Japanese American citizens in concentration camps in World War II pursuant to President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066. The two major agitators for the internment were Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt of the Western Defense Command and California Attorney General Earl Warren – Yes, that Earl Warren. He never apologized for the internments. (Incidentally the large Japanese population in the Hawaiian Islands were not interned because they were the workforce on the islands). The Japanese concentration camps were my first introduction to racism. I was 4 or 5 getting allergy shots at the Stanford Medical Center on Webster Street in the Fillmore. (It subsequently moved to the Stanford campus). My mom pointed out a Japanese American nurse in the far side of the large room. My mom said she was in a concentration camp in World War II. The way she said it made it clear the nurse had done nothing wrong but the country had. I believe that if we adopt “cancel culture,” then Earl Warren’s name should be erased from the Berkeley campus. San Francisco’s witnessed race riots led by the fire brand Denis Kearney and the Workingmen’s Party of California. They were upset that the Chinese workers would work harder for less pay. He ended every speech with “And whatever else, the Chinese must go.” July 23-23, 1877 was a pogrom against the Chinese. The riots killed 4 and caused over $100 million in damages. 30 smaller communities in California had riots and often forced the Chinese out. Oregon and Washington weren’t much better. San Francisco’s ban on Chinese laundries was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1886 in the famous case of Yick Woo v. Hopkins on equal protection grounds. Then came the Bubonic Plague of 1900-1904. The city saw the need to quarantine Chinatown, the center of the impacted area. The line was not drawn in a circle, square, rectangle, or parallelogram, but in a carefully drawn irregular line encompassing just the Chinese residents, but not any adjoining or neighboring non-Chinese residences or businesses. That too was struck down on equal protection grounds. The Asian immigrants and their progeny were also subject to the miscegenation laws and restrictive covenants in deeds prohibiting the sale of the property to Asians. Both restrictions were subsequently struck down by the Supreme Court. An additional form of discrimination was the widespread use of racist slurs The history of Asian immigration to the United States, starting with the Chinese in the California Gold Rush, is an example of an ethnic minority persevering over a century of discrimination to reach equality in America.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

New York Governor Has Four Strikes Against Him: New York Will Soon Have a New Governor

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Four Strikes Against Him: 1) 15,000 Nursing Home Victims; 2) #MeToo; He’s Now expendable, and 4) Andrew Cuomo Albany is getting very hot for Governor Cuomo in the dead of winter. Sometimes the pressure is a slow drip; It’s burning rocks for the New York Governor. First he ordered nursing homes to accept Covid diseased patients to relieve the burden on the hospitals. The facilities were ill-equipped and poorly staffed to handle scores of Covid cases and quarantine them. The residents and staff, especially the residents, were unable to fight off the disease. The Governor said he was simply following the federal guidelines. That was a falsehood. He bragged about how well he handled the situation. Only 10,000 died in the homes. He published a laudatory book, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the Covid-19 Pandemic. Someone ghost wrote it for him, but he took credit patting himself on the back Scratch that. It was more like 15,000 deaths. He lied about the number of fatalities. Even worse his administration concealed, falsified the numbers in reports to the state and federal government. Whoever involved in the falsification of the federal report has committed a felony. Let’s see where the buck stops on this one. He might have survived the nursing home tragedy, but then the #MeToo Movement became the et tu Cuomo Movement. Day after day, more women are complaining of sexual harassment by the Governor, six to date, with evidence to back up the claims. Minnesota Senator Al Franken was run out of the Senate on less facts. Many of the strongest attackers against Justice Kavanaugh have tried to mute themselves on Governor Cuomo, but it’s not possible. Too many accusers have come forward. They are not to be ignored. Third, Governor Cuomo was idolized by the media, perhaps even presidential material. He won an Emmy for his handling of Covid. The third term governor’s head was swelling with adoration. Andrew Cuomo was the anti-Trump. President Trump is out of office with no twitter feed. The media doesn’t need to prop up Governor Cuomo today. He’s expendable. Fourth Andrew Cuomo is Andrew Cuomo’s greatest opponent. The governor is a bully. In many ways he’s a New York streetfighter such as President Trump. Governor Cuomo violated a maxim of life – “Be kind to those you pass on the way up; you may see them again on the way down.” He has no good will in the bank with scores of New York politicians. They are sharpening their knives for Governor Cuomo. New York Mayor Bill de Blagio, usually treated with contempt by Governor Cuomo, is demanding the governor resign. The good news for Governor Cuomo is that hardly anyone cares what the otherwise incompetent Mayor de Blasio says or thinks. The Governor’s cornered, but in a state of denial. He’s pleading due process and let the legislative process continue. He’s daring the New York Assembly to impeach and the New York Senate to remove him from office. Every new accuser shortens the Governor’s time in office. I believe in due process and the presumption of innocence. Senator Al Franken was not accorded due process. Representative Katie Hill did not receive due process. Governor Cuomo has new found recognition of his constitutional rights, the same rights he wished to deny Judge Bret Kavanaugh. He called the unverified Christine Blasey Ford accusations against Judge Kavanaugh “very compelling.” He demanded the judge take a polygraph test: “If he does not take a polygraph, it is the ultimate.” He called the confirmation vote “a sad day for the country.” Therein lies the problem. Not giving due process, he doesn’t deserve due process. Governor Cuomo will join former Governor Eliot Spitzer, former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, and former Represetative Anthony Weiner in the New York Political Hall of Shame.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Quick Reflections on Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is estranged from her father. Meghan Markle is estranged from her father-in-law. Meghan Markle is estranged from her half-sister. Meghan Markle is estranged from her brother in law and sister in law. Meghan Markle is estranged from the Royal Family. What’s the commonality? Meghan Markle is all about Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle married Prince Charming. Meghan Markle married into the British Royal Family, but doesn’t want to be part of it. Meghan Markle wants her privacy. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave a two hour interview to Oprah Winfrey, hardly the path to privacy. Meghan Markle dislikes the British paparazzi, but she thrusts herself into the news. The Duke and Duchess are upset they have to pay for their security having turned their back on the UK. Princess Di with all her issues continued to do public service and even preached against land mines. Meghan Markle fled to Canada and the United states and whines. Meagan Markle is an actress, perhaps a star on one TV show, an American divorcee who was never going to be the public face of the Royal Family.