Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving America

America has so much to be thankful for. 80 million Americans are thankful President Trump was not reelected 73 million Americans are thankful and grateful for everything President Trump accomplished during his four years in office. The Biden vote difference was the California vote and irregularities. Americans outside California are evenly split. Americans should be thankful for Big Pharma, the much reviled Big Pharma, who announced before Thanksgiving three vaccines for Coronavirus. Only the large pharmaceutical companies with their expertise and vast resources could have accomplished that challenge in record time. Americans should be thankful AOC and her Squad were not in charge. Americans should be grateful to President Trump for Operation Warp Speed which funded and pushed multiple approaches to fighting the pandemic, none of which the media would give him credit for. Americans should be grateful that the Trump Administration will distribute the vaccines through the military – masters of logistics. Americans should be thankful that by this time next year every American who wishes to be vaccinated will be vaccinated. Americans should be thankful that even though Vice President Biden won the presidency, Americans rejected the Democratic agenda at the state, local, and Congressional levels. Americans should be thankful for the country being in better economic and military shape than at the end of the Obama-Biden Administration. Americans should be thankful that the tragic George Floyd killing has forced the American people to confront the past history of racial inequality. Americans can still celebrate family gatherings, feasting, and football. The four day Thanksgiving weekend is still a time for parades, balloons, and shopping. Americans should be thankful they have free will and constitutional rights. Americans should be thankful many sheriffs and police chiefs will not enforce draconian gubernatorial Thanksgiving lockdowns. And yet the cancel culture can’t even leave Thanksgiving alone. Christmas will be next. Jason Johnson, a MSNBC guest host said: “I know in my family, I know seven people who call it ‘colonizer Christmas’ because they don’t really like what Thanksgiving stands for.” Thanksgiving is a secular holiday, but that does not stop the cancel culture warriors. Americans should be thankful that most Americans are not as ignorant as Jason Johnson and his ilk. The first unofficial Thanksgiving 399 years ago in 1621 was a feast and prayer by the Pilgrims thanking God for a good harvest. The Pilgrims shared the feast with Massasoit and his Wampanoags. The feast was nothing new in history. Harvest days have been a long tradition in agrarian societies celebrating the harvest. For example, Jews in the Torah celebrate Shavuot and Sukkot. Native Americans celebrated harvests. Several countries celebrate their own versions of Thanksgiving and Harvest Day. Several states and presidents including President Washington acknowledged a day of Thanks. President Lincoln proclaimed in 1863 a day of Thanksgiving for all states. 1863 was a dark year for the North during the Civil War. 2020 is a dark year for many Americans because of the pandemic, lockdowns and ensuing economic difficulties. Yet Thanksgiving is also a day of recognizing better days are ahead. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed a proclamation on October 31, 1939 designating the next to last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day. Congress followed through on December 26, 1941 in the dire days following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by designating the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day. Two observations on the late November Thanksgiving. First, it is far past the usual harvests. Second, Presidents and Congress have often acted in darks days to signify hope for the future. Thanksgiving is an acknowledgement of the blessings of the past year and present and blessings for the upcoming year.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Covid-19: Shutdown or Economic Health: The Dilemma

Pandemics run their course. The Coronavirus pandemic will end when at least one of three scenarios occurs: 1) The virus mutates to a less virulent form; 2) Herd immunity, partially facilitated by 3) Vaccines Much of America shut down in March. The hospitals were overflowing with Covid patients. Ventilators and personal protective equipment, such as face masks, were lacking. We were told we had to flatten the curve. We had to lock down to save the hospitals which were running out of beds. We had to control the spread. The shutdown may have flattened the curve, and controlled the initial outburst, but it did not kill the virus. Covid lingered on, waiting for its opportunity. That time has come. Covid lingered in Los Angeles, New York City, and much of America, slowly spreading, waiting to explode again. Covid-19 is a stealth virus. Science now knows several introductions of the virus in the United States may have circulated before the first diagnosed case on January 15 of a Washington traveler returning from Wuhan China in Washington and the later deaths in a Kirkland, Washington nursing home. The early scanning technique was a temperature scan which did not detect the millions who were asymptomatic or had minor infections. The spring lockdowns were an economic disaster for America. The economy was booming prior to the pandemic. The unemployment rate was down to 3.8% in February with 6.2 million unemployed. The unemployment rates for African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans were at record lows. The second quarter gross domestic product dropped an annualized 32.9%. 20.5 million Americans were unemployed in May. The unemployment rate jumped to 14.4% in April. A list of large companies entering bankruptcy or closing, some already in trouble or excessively debt ridden, includes: Aeromexico Alog Ascena (Ann Taylor & Lane Bryant) Avianca Airlines Brooks Brothers CBL Chesapeake Energy Cirque Du Soleil Chuck E Cheese Coronavirus Bankruptcies CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) J. Crew Friendly’s Furla (USA) GNC Gold Gyms Guitar Center Hertz Impresa Aerospace, LL.C. Lord & Taylor Luby’s/Fuddruckers Lucky Brand Dungarees Muji Neiman Marcus New York Sports Club Noble Corp. Norwegian Air Shuttle NPC International (1227 Pizza Hut and 393 Wendy’s franchises) J.C. Penney Paper Store Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust Pet Valu (USA) Pier 1 RTW Retailwinds (New York & Co.) Ruby Tuesday Sizzler Souplantation Stage Stores Steinmark Sur La Table 24 Hour Fitness Tailored Brands (Gentlemen’s Warehouse, Joseph A. Banks) Tuesday Morning Virgin Atlantic Virgin Australia XFL A listing of large enterprises does a grave injustice to the hundreds of thousands, soon to be millions, of small businesses that failed. Those that barely survived are at great risk of total failure with the new shutdown. The shutdown was a body blow to America. Americans were increasingly frustrated and desperate. President Trump heard their cries. He decided to emphasize economic recovery rather than shutting down America as the virus runs its course. Economic distress leads to emotional distress. We know the infection rate is much higher than the reported numbers. Studies have consistently shown higher infection rates than actual because millions that were asymptomatic or only mildly infected were not recorded. Some day in the future we will have antibody studies that will show the true picture. The actual infection rate is believed to be multiple times greater than the tested rate. A theory is that the actual mortality rate approaches the low rate of the flu, which is no consolation for those who perish from Covid or suffer from long term complications. Many experts believe the actual mortality rate will approach that of the general flu - .1%. We will only know once a large number of Americans are tested for antibodies, especially those that were a symptomatic. The Covid mortality rate is about 2.16% if you divide the reported fatalities by the number of cases. This figure is grossly inaccurate. The number of deaths is high while the number of reported cases is many times greater. Hospitals are wont to list Covid as the cause of death if it were present in the patient at time of death even if not the actual medical cause. Conversely several studies show the infected rate is many times greater than the reported rate. Tens of millions have gone unreported because the infected were asymptomatic or incurred minor symptoms. Entire industries were decimated, including hospitality, hotels and restaurants, bars, taverns, travel, airlines, airports, cruise ships, theaters, museums, the stage, Broadway, other cultural attractions, barbershops and salons (except for Speaker Pelosi), fitness centers and gyms. Disneyland is closed until next year with a loss to the local economy of $5 billion. Times Square is so quiet you can hear a pin drop in the tourist shops. Mass transit systems are shrinking. Small stores were shuttered while Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Loews, CVS, RiteAid and Walgreens remained open. Landlords ranging from small apartment buildings to large mall owners are suffering. All indoor and patio dining in Los Angeles County will be shut down for at least three weeks – only takeout and delivery will be allowed. Public schools are closing even though studies show little risk exists to the children or of them spreading the virus to adults. President Trump made the decision to reopen the economy as Americans began to defy the restrictions. He weighed the economy against the virus. The economy rebounded with a V shaped recovery. All is at risk now. New lockdowns are imposed. Curfews from 10:00PM to 5:00Am are imposed. Pueblo, Colorado is a city imposing such a curfew because the mayor and other city officials were “desperate to try anything at this point.” Thanksgivings celebrations are limited. New York Governor Cuomo announced a ban on private gatherings, including Thanksgiving. One New York sheriff said he would never interfere with “the great tradition Thanksgiving dinner.” Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo issued an order barring anyone in the state from spending time in a social setting with anyone from outside their household. Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota similarly barred social gatherings of social gatherings. Many police chiefs and sheriffs have said enough is enough. They will not enforce the new measures. They will not make criminals of law-abiding citizens. California’s Governor Newsom lost all moral authority at the French Laundry Restaurant when he and 11 others had an expensive dinner closely seated with no face masks. Governor Cuomo says we must follow the law, but New York City is a sanctuary city not following federal law. Oregon Governor Kate Brown uttered the most incredulous statement. She asked the citizens of Oregon to call the cops when she see coronavirus violations. Yes! Phone the Portland Police every time you see the non-masked Portland mob rioting. Forget about the looting, rioting, arson, assaults and batteries; just complain about the coronavirus violations. Therein lies the priorities of Governor Brown. The CDC is discouraging travel over Thanksgiving. Someone forgot to tell the nation’s universities who are sending students home over Thanksgiving, ending the semesters early. Much has been learned about Covid, but much remains to be determined, including the effectiveness of masks and medications, President Elect Biden says he values controlling the virus over the economy, but recently said he will not shut the country down. He won’t have to. The Democratic governors and mayors are doing it for him. Memo to the Nation's governors and mayors: Thanksgiving promises to be a day of civil disobedience!

The 2021 Democratic Leadership of America: What's Wrong With This Picture?

President Joe Biden 79 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi 80 House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer 81 House Majority Whip James Clyburn 80 Senator Dianne Feinstein 87 Chair of House Ways and Means Committee Richard Neal 71 Chair of House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler 73 Chair of House Financial Services Committee Maxine Walters 82 Chair of House transportation and Infrastructure Committee Peter DeFazio 73 Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (a spry) 69 Senator Bernie Sanders 79 Vice President/President in Waiting Kamala Harris 56 Res Ipsa Loquiter

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Is 2020 the Year of the Stolen Presidential Election? Just Asking

“Come on, man, I won the election fair and square. I received a record 77+ million votes, the highest ever for a Presidential candidate. I defeated President Trump by 5+ million votes. What about your coherent, October 24 statement: “We have put together I think the most effective and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”? Come on man, you know I’m prone to gaffes. What about Joe Stalin's famous quote: "It's not who votes, but who counts the votes?" Come on man, Stalin never said that. Have you read Hugh Hewitt's book,If You Win Big Enough They Can't Cheat? Come on man, all I read are teleprompters. What about the Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia election office telling everyone they were shutting down the tabulating center at 10:30PM, sending the media and Republican poll watchers home, but continued secretly tabulating through 1:00AM? Come on man, what we had in Atlanta was a failure to communicate. Postal worker in just an isolated incidence What about the certified 3,000 non-residents voting in Nevada? Common on man, they’re military families on assignment away from their Nevada residences. A postal worker in Pennsylvania claimed his boss instructed his workers to backdate ballots received after election day. Come on man, he recanted that affidavit. Besides he might go postal some day. Detroit and Philadelphia blocking Republican poll watchers from watching the count. Come on man, you know how argumentative and disruptive Republicans can be. Then there’s the claim Detroit ballot counters counted voters who were not on the polls. Come on man, Detroit never has problems with vote counting. What about Detroit covering the walls so no one could watch the ballot counting? Come on man, they were just trying to reduce the glare. What about the claim in Detroit that ballot counters counted a batch of ballots with an identical validation signature. Come on man, you know peoples’ handwriting is often illegible. What about the 82% turnout in Wisconsin substantially above the previous elections? Come on man, Wisconsin voters were energized this election. What about the known dead voting in California, Detroit, Georgia, Nevada, New York and Pennsylvania? Come on man, that’s an old Chicago thing. I’m a Christian; I believe in resurrection after death. Counting stopped for 4 hours late at night in several cities Come on man, the workers were tired and the counting machines equipment were in danger of overheating. What about the Harry Reid machine stuffing the ballot boxes in Las Vegas? Come on man, Senator Reid retired years ago What about the tranches of votes- all for Biden. Come on man, it’s just anecdotal evidence and sour grapes from poor losers. What about the reports of ballot stuffing throughout America? Come on man, FBI Director Chris Wray told House members on September 24 that the FBI had not seen evidence of a “coordinated national voter fraud effort.” Democrats and the media for four years claimed Donald Trump was an illegitimate president. You echoed that remark during the primaries. 72+ million Americans voted for Donald Trump for president. They believe the election was stolen. What makes you a legitimate president? Common on man, do you expect me to remember everything I said in the campaign. I had to say a lot to win the nomination. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If it turns out Joe Biden was elected president by widespread voter fraud, and the Biden-Harris ticket, all of America will blow. If ballot fraud existed in Georgia, especially Fulton County, how can the Republicans prevent it in the January 5, 2021 Senate runoffs?

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Vice President Joe Biden Will Be Inaugurated President Biden: Now the Good News

President Trump can file lawsuits, win a few, but the die is cast. He will not be reelected, absent a showing of massive ballot fraud in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. Anecdotal evidence may make good talking points, but it will not change the outcome. Stories abound of the dead voting, non-residents voting, tranches of tens of thousands ballots in the middle of the night at election counting centers – all for Joe Biden. History of Philadelphia and other cities tell us it’s conceivable illegal ballots may have been cast and recorded. President Trump was right in warning of the dangers of mailing ballots to every registered voter. The Democrats used ballot harvesting in California two years ago to flip seven Congressional seats. That was a dry run to 2020. Prove it! Anecdotal evidence is not facts. This election defies the adage: “If you win big enough, they can’t cheat.” President Trump had a 500,000 vote lead Pennsylvania, but it disappeared The courts are not going to overturn the election. It will be almost impossible to find sufficient improper votes in these states to change the overall outcome. Prove there was massive voter fraud and ballot stuffing. Here’s the good news. The election was not a red wave, but it was certainly not the widely forecast and anticipated blue wave. First, the Republicans have probably held onto the Senate. They have a sure 49 seats, leaving only two Georgia seats and one North Carolina seat undecided. The late North Carolina vote counting may yet give the seat to Democrat Cal Cunningham as Senator Thom Tillis’ margin keeps slipping. The two Georgia seats will be the subject of special elections on January 5, 2021. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be poured into those elections. The Georgia economy will get a boost. The final result could be 52-48 Republican in the Senate, 51-49 Republican or Democratic, or 50-50 with Vice President Harris casting the tie-breaking votes. A majority Republican Senate will stop the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, gun control, quasi-socialism, court packing, state bailouts of, tax increases, and Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. statehood. The Republicans will also be able to block radical nominees of President Biden. However, President Biden will be able to reopen the borders without Congressional approval and regulate fracking to death. The Republicans gained a still undetermined seats in the House of Representatives, not enough for a majority, but sufficient to stymie Speaker Pelosi’s agenda. The predictions were the Democrats would gain 5-10 seats. Instead, they will lose close to 10 seats. Many Democrats who survived this year will be less willing to vote for a radical agenda, AOC and The Squad notwithstanding. “Defund the Police” was apparently toxic to Democrats in the suburbs. Socialism is still a four letter word to most Americans. Many suburban women may have been turned off by President Trump’s style, but they weren’t going to rush into the Democratic agenda. They split their votes. The suburbs are still more conservative than the cities. Therein lies an important result from 2020. Biden voters split their ballots. They voted against President Trump, but would not support the Democratic agenda. The Democrats spent hundreds of millions of dollars at the state level to elect Democrats to the state legislatures. They failed miserably. 2010 was a Republican landslide in response to the enactment of Obamacare. The Republicans then controlled reapportionment in most states. They still will. They lost no legislative chambers and flipped both New Hampshire houses from Democratic to Republican. Republicans will control 59 of the 98 partisan state chambers. The GOP still controls reapportionment in most states. Once again money does not always win elections! The Democrats spent $88 million to flip statehouses. The Democrats and their allies targeted Maine Senator Susan Collins with $63 million in ads. The Democrats and their financial allies spent hundreds of millions of dollars ro defeat Senators Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham, Steve Daines, Thom Tillerson, and others. They failed. Mayor Mike Blumberg spent over $100 million on his failed run in the Democratic primaries for the Democratic nomination. He doubled down with another $100 million for the Democrats in the general election. $200 million+ may be petty cash and chump change to the multi-billionaire, but it was still squandered. Americans celebrated on election night 1982 and 2008 when Governor Clinton defeated President George H.W. Bush and Senator Obama won handily over Senator John McCain. No such mass celebration occurred this year. The Portland mob continued to riot because tat is what they do. America remains divided, but definitely leaning blue. The American Republic will survive a Biden-Harris presidency if the Republicans maintain control of the Senate. President Biden will be forced to moderate his presidency.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Predictionsfor November 3, 2020: Who Knows?

Predictions for November 3, 2020: Who Knows? Will Vice President Biden win in a landslide? He probably would have a month ago, but elections traditionally narrow close to election day. President Gerald Ford almost caught up to Governor Jimmy Carter in 1976. Of course, President Trump would have won in a landslide had the election been pre-Covid. Will President Trump win, either in a landslide or narrowly? If he’s ahead narrowly on election night, it might not be enough after the mail-in and provisional ballots are counted? Mayor James Kenney of Philadelphia, a city notorious for walking around money, said the voter count in Philadelphia “will easily take several days” Philadelphia’s District Attorneys said he will arrest any uncertified Republican poll watchers. The Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro predicted President Trump will lose Pennsylvania on election night. Will a late surge help President Trump? If so, will it be enough? Something must be happening in Biden’s internal polls since he has left his basement! How strong is the silent Trump vote? Does President Trump have coattails? Will Minnesota remain blue and Wisconsin revert back to blue? If so, then their voters approve riots, looting, and arson. The polls may be reliable this election, unlike 2016, or they may not. Recent polls may foretell tomorrow’s votes, but they cannot account for the roughly 95 million votes cast so far, some of whom apparently have buyer’s remorse.. Let us remember 2016 was widely predicted to be a Democratic landslide with the Republicans losing the Presidency, House, and Senate. The Republicans won all three. Recent Polls may foretell the election results, but they do not account for ballot harvesting and voter fraud. Will we see secretaries of state and registrar’s of voters manipulating the tallies and recounts, as happened in Minnesota with the Norm Coleman – Al Franken Senate race? Will we again see African American precincts tallying 0 votes for Donald Trump? Will we again see some precincts tallying more votes than voters? Will President Trump receive a record percent of votes for Republicans of the African American and Hispanic vote? Will the suburban housewives move back to the Republican fold? How big will the gender gap be? Will the young vote, as predicted, favor Democrats? Will the GOP hold onto the Senate? Recent polls, no matter how reliable, show Senators Susan Collins, Steve Daines, Joni Ernst, Lindsay Graham, and Martha McSally ahead by a few percentage points. But who knows? Will the Democrats increase their House majority, hold on, or lose it? If the Republicans win back the House, who will replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the Democrats’ leader? If the Republicans retain the senate, what will Senate Majority Leader Schumer do? Will this election see a blue wave or red wave? Will the billions poured into the national campaign and state and local races by the Democratic Party and their rich allies, especially in California and New York, pull Democrats to victory? Will voters vote to raise taxes? Will California voters approve affirmative action? Will voters continue to elect woke prosecutors? Did the United States Chamber of Commerce make a mistake in endorsing scores of Democrats? Demographics have changed since 2016. The white population is shrinking compared to the non-white population. Whites are but a plurality in states like California. Once reliable red states are now purple, often with a bluish glow. The young voters are no longer taught traditional civics, but the evils of America and the 1619 Projec, and look to social media for information. Is Joe Biden America's Konstantin Chernenko? If Vice President Biden wins, how soon before Vice President Kamala Harris becomes President Harris? A few solid predictions: 1) Many cities will erupt with riots, looting and arson. Blocks in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland and Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital are boarded up. 2) The results will either be known late Tuesday night, or stretch on for days, if not weeks. 3) Celebrities who threatened to leave America if President Trump wins reelection will stay. 4) America’s democracy will change, no matter who wins. Warning: My predictions are notoriously unreliable, so I haven’t made many.