Thursday, November 12, 2020

Is 2020 the Year of the Stolen Presidential Election? Just Asking

“Come on, man, I won the election fair and square. I received a record 77+ million votes, the highest ever for a Presidential candidate. I defeated President Trump by 5+ million votes. What about your coherent, October 24 statement: “We have put together I think the most effective and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”? Come on man, you know I’m prone to gaffes. What about Joe Stalin's famous quote: "It's not who votes, but who counts the votes?" Come on man, Stalin never said that. Have you read Hugh Hewitt's book,If You Win Big Enough They Can't Cheat? Come on man, all I read are teleprompters. What about the Fulton County (Atlanta), Georgia election office telling everyone they were shutting down the tabulating center at 10:30PM, sending the media and Republican poll watchers home, but continued secretly tabulating through 1:00AM? Come on man, what we had in Atlanta was a failure to communicate. Postal worker in just an isolated incidence What about the certified 3,000 non-residents voting in Nevada? Common on man, they’re military families on assignment away from their Nevada residences. A postal worker in Pennsylvania claimed his boss instructed his workers to backdate ballots received after election day. Come on man, he recanted that affidavit. Besides he might go postal some day. Detroit and Philadelphia blocking Republican poll watchers from watching the count. Come on man, you know how argumentative and disruptive Republicans can be. Then there’s the claim Detroit ballot counters counted voters who were not on the polls. Come on man, Detroit never has problems with vote counting. What about Detroit covering the walls so no one could watch the ballot counting? Come on man, they were just trying to reduce the glare. What about the claim in Detroit that ballot counters counted a batch of ballots with an identical validation signature. Come on man, you know peoples’ handwriting is often illegible. What about the 82% turnout in Wisconsin substantially above the previous elections? Come on man, Wisconsin voters were energized this election. What about the known dead voting in California, Detroit, Georgia, Nevada, New York and Pennsylvania? Come on man, that’s an old Chicago thing. I’m a Christian; I believe in resurrection after death. Counting stopped for 4 hours late at night in several cities Come on man, the workers were tired and the counting machines equipment were in danger of overheating. What about the Harry Reid machine stuffing the ballot boxes in Las Vegas? Come on man, Senator Reid retired years ago What about the tranches of votes- all for Biden. Come on man, it’s just anecdotal evidence and sour grapes from poor losers. What about the reports of ballot stuffing throughout America? Come on man, FBI Director Chris Wray told House members on September 24 that the FBI had not seen evidence of a “coordinated national voter fraud effort.” Democrats and the media for four years claimed Donald Trump was an illegitimate president. You echoed that remark during the primaries. 72+ million Americans voted for Donald Trump for president. They believe the election was stolen. What makes you a legitimate president? Common on man, do you expect me to remember everything I said in the campaign. I had to say a lot to win the nomination. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If it turns out Joe Biden was elected president by widespread voter fraud, and the Biden-Harris ticket, all of America will blow. If ballot fraud existed in Georgia, especially Fulton County, how can the Republicans prevent it in the January 5, 2021 Senate runoffs?

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