Monday, November 2, 2020

Predictionsfor November 3, 2020: Who Knows?

Predictions for November 3, 2020: Who Knows? Will Vice President Biden win in a landslide? He probably would have a month ago, but elections traditionally narrow close to election day. President Gerald Ford almost caught up to Governor Jimmy Carter in 1976. Of course, President Trump would have won in a landslide had the election been pre-Covid. Will President Trump win, either in a landslide or narrowly? If he’s ahead narrowly on election night, it might not be enough after the mail-in and provisional ballots are counted? Mayor James Kenney of Philadelphia, a city notorious for walking around money, said the voter count in Philadelphia “will easily take several days” Philadelphia’s District Attorneys said he will arrest any uncertified Republican poll watchers. The Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro predicted President Trump will lose Pennsylvania on election night. Will a late surge help President Trump? If so, will it be enough? Something must be happening in Biden’s internal polls since he has left his basement! How strong is the silent Trump vote? Does President Trump have coattails? Will Minnesota remain blue and Wisconsin revert back to blue? If so, then their voters approve riots, looting, and arson. The polls may be reliable this election, unlike 2016, or they may not. Recent polls may foretell tomorrow’s votes, but they cannot account for the roughly 95 million votes cast so far, some of whom apparently have buyer’s remorse.. Let us remember 2016 was widely predicted to be a Democratic landslide with the Republicans losing the Presidency, House, and Senate. The Republicans won all three. Recent Polls may foretell the election results, but they do not account for ballot harvesting and voter fraud. Will we see secretaries of state and registrar’s of voters manipulating the tallies and recounts, as happened in Minnesota with the Norm Coleman – Al Franken Senate race? Will we again see African American precincts tallying 0 votes for Donald Trump? Will we again see some precincts tallying more votes than voters? Will President Trump receive a record percent of votes for Republicans of the African American and Hispanic vote? Will the suburban housewives move back to the Republican fold? How big will the gender gap be? Will the young vote, as predicted, favor Democrats? Will the GOP hold onto the Senate? Recent polls, no matter how reliable, show Senators Susan Collins, Steve Daines, Joni Ernst, Lindsay Graham, and Martha McSally ahead by a few percentage points. But who knows? Will the Democrats increase their House majority, hold on, or lose it? If the Republicans win back the House, who will replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the Democrats’ leader? If the Republicans retain the senate, what will Senate Majority Leader Schumer do? Will this election see a blue wave or red wave? Will the billions poured into the national campaign and state and local races by the Democratic Party and their rich allies, especially in California and New York, pull Democrats to victory? Will voters vote to raise taxes? Will California voters approve affirmative action? Will voters continue to elect woke prosecutors? Did the United States Chamber of Commerce make a mistake in endorsing scores of Democrats? Demographics have changed since 2016. The white population is shrinking compared to the non-white population. Whites are but a plurality in states like California. Once reliable red states are now purple, often with a bluish glow. The young voters are no longer taught traditional civics, but the evils of America and the 1619 Projec, and look to social media for information. Is Joe Biden America's Konstantin Chernenko? If Vice President Biden wins, how soon before Vice President Kamala Harris becomes President Harris? A few solid predictions: 1) Many cities will erupt with riots, looting and arson. Blocks in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland and Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital are boarded up. 2) The results will either be known late Tuesday night, or stretch on for days, if not weeks. 3) Celebrities who threatened to leave America if President Trump wins reelection will stay. 4) America’s democracy will change, no matter who wins. Warning: My predictions are notoriously unreliable, so I haven’t made many.

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