Friday, October 30, 2020

President Biden, Hunter Biden and the China Disclosures: President Biden's Failed Presidency

The media loves you until they turn on you. Ask Senator John McCain. The media glorified the Senator as a maverick Republican. Then he received the Republican nomination for President in 2008. The media dumped on him. He ran a poor campaign. Senator Obama won the Presidency. Senator McCain returned to the media’s good graces. They pillored Governor Sarah Palin. They daily venomously malign President Trump. The media and social media are ignoring the Hunter Biden China corruption scandal taking a page out of George Orwell’s 1984. They know it’s true. They know the emails and documents are valid and not the product of hacking or a Russian disinformation campaign, Representative Adam Schiff, John Brennen and James Clapper (the usual suspects) notwithstanding. They’ve known for years that Beau Biden was the good son and Hunter Biden the bad son. They know Hunter Biden is a wastrel druggie kicked out of the military. They know he traded on his dad. They know a common form of corruption is a financial arrangement with the politico’s family members. They know Tony Bobulinski and his documents are valid. They know an otherwise unqualified Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from China and Ukraine. They know the Vice President profited from his son’s derelictions Vice President Biden said Hunter is the smartest person he’s knows. No comment. They know the Vice President repeatedly lied. President Biden’s problem is simple. The media will destroy him as soon as they decide to promote Vice President Kamala Harris to President Harris. The media will turn on President Biden as soon as he goes soft on the radical agenda: Packing the Supreme Court as well as the lower courts Statehood to Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia Citizenship to the undocumented residents currently in the United States Open borders Medicare for all Ending fracking The Biden/Green New Deal Rejoining the Paris Accords Eliminating fracking, not eliminating fracking, regulating fracking to death Gun control Defunding law enforcement, and probably the military Criminal Justice Reform Ending capital punishment Strengthening the union movement Eliminating Right to Work laws Enacting Roe v. Wade into law Free college Universal per-K Student loan forgiveness Equality Act Monster tax increases Speaker Pelosi dusted off the 25th Amendment. If President Biden doesn’t come through, he’s gone.

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