Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Memo to President Biden on One Year in Office: It's the Economy, Stupid

Memo to President Biden After One year in Office: It’s the Economy, Stupid You have completed one unsuccessful year in office Inflation is at a 40 year high. The official inflation rate is 7%, but it’s higher in the supermarkets, not including the empty shelves. It’s the economy, stupid The inflation is not transitory inflation It’s the economy, stupid Foreign policy should not be based upon an inflated opinion of oneself It’s not Build Back Better It’s the economy stupid You are out-competing President Carter as the worse President in modern American history His loss was the economy, stupid. It’s not “Bring Back Better.” You’re quickly bringing America back to the Carter Days It’s the economy, stupid Carter lost Iran. You lost Afghanistan It’s the economy, stupid How's that Over the Horizon Policy working out? It's the economy, stupid How could a Russian “minor incursion” be OK? It’s the economy, stupid Will Ukraine be this generation’s Munich? It’s the economy, stupid It’s not the filibuster or Voting Rights It’s the economy, stupid It’s not calling a despicable riot an insurrection It’s the economy, stupid It’s not Democratic Socialism, an oxymoron It’s the economy, stupid President Trump left you with energy independence You raised the price of gas 50% Gas is the economy, stupid The supply chain is broken It’s the economy, stupid Energy independence is not based on unsuccessfully asking Russia and OPEC to raise production It’s the economy, stupid Cognizant Presidents at this low point throw advisors off the bus, but your puppet masters won’t fire themselves How has surrounding yourself with progressive zealots worker out? It’s the economy, stupid Did you notice the Washington Post awarded your 4 Pinocchios for your latest lie? It’s the economy, stupid Does casting blame on others improve the economy? It’s the economy, stupid How are Antono Blinken, Jake Sullivan, and Susan Rice working out? It’s the economy, stupidHow's the Southern Border working out? It's the economy, stupid You said in your inaugural address that you will unify the country Calling Americans racist, Bull Conner and Jefferson Davis is divisive American strength is not based on a woke military It’s the economy stupid Have you really overperformed in office? It’s the economy, stupid Frequently referring to Vice President Harris as President Harris does not make her President – at least not yet It’s the economy stupid Your youthful Secretary of Transportation says rising energy costs will drive Americans to alternative energy Remember the old joke: The surgeon meets the family after surgery. He says to the family that the operation was a success. The family is relieved. Then he continues: “But the patient died.” The operation was a success, but the patient died. It’s the economy, stupid How did your 200 page paper on defeating Covid work out? It’s the economy, stupid? You said three weeks ago: “There is no Federal Solution. This get solved at the state level.” It’s the economy and Covid, stupid.” Even the mainstream media is no longer covering for you They know it’s the economy stupid Americans are hurting It’s the economy, stupid Remember President Obama: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up” Remember President Clinton and James Carville: “It’s the economy stupid.” Way to Go, Brandon