Sunday, October 18, 2020

Maki, the Ring Tail Lemur, Almost Made His Escape from San Francisco

MMaki, a distinguished senior citizen of the Lipman Family Lemur Forest at the San Francisco Zoo, disappeared Wednesday night, October 14. A BOLO, or BOLL (Be On Lemur Lookout), was issued. The Zoo posted a $2100 reward, “Lemur Wanted, Dead or Alive (shades of Steve Mc Queen), Preferably Alive.” Description “grey with ring tail, cute, warm and fuzzy.” Maki sought sanctuary at the Hope Lutheran Church. The lemur on the run did not realize California churches only give sanctuary to undocumented immigrants. Maki was born and raised in the United States. The fugitive should have hitchhiked on a moving van leaving San Francisco. The new motto in California is a reversal of Horace Greeley’s famous saying: “Go West Young Man, Go West.” Now it’s “Go East Young Lemurs, Go East.” Maki only managed 5 miles east to Daly City. Th omnivorous lemur was chomping on a bush when spotted. He fled into a miniature playhouse in the school playground. President Reagan once said: “You may run lemur, but you can’t hide.” Maki was wise for his age, 21, when the usual life span of a lemur is 17-19 years. One thinks of Yoda when seeing Maki. Maybe LEGO will market a MAKI kit. Daly City is a quiet suburb of San Francisco. A fleeing ring tailed lemur is big news. The Daly City Police on Maki’s apprehension said “We are grateful Maki is home safely.” Tanya Peterson, ZOO CEO, called Maki “an aging wild animal who needed special care…. He’s still agitated, dehydrated, and hungry.” Of course Maki is agitated. The fugitive tasted freedom for the first time in his life. He wanted out of Frisco, the homeless, the poop patrol, the crime. Half the Bay Area wants out. Tanya should not return Maki to his family. They will want to know what it’s like in the vast outside world. The lesson for Maki comes from the eagles: “Welcome to the Hotel California …. But you can never leave.” Maki did not escape on his own. 30 year old Cory McGilloway was arrested Thursday for liberating Maki Wednesday night. Cory has an interesting rap sheet. Maki made a poor choice of rescuers, but Cory was his only hope. Hope Lutheran Choice was not.

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