Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What Was Once Investigate, Impeach, Indict President Trump is Now Impugn, Intimidate, Indict, and Besmirch Attorney General Barr: Why

Investigate, Impeach, Indict President Trump is Now Impugn, Intimidate, Indict and Besmirch Attorney General Barr: Why? The Democrats are politically scared of Attorney General Barr. He holds the key to unlock the Clinton – FBI – DOJ – Brennen – Clapper - Schiff Cabal and Collusion. They are scared that grand jury investigations and indictments will destroy the Russian Collusion delusion. They know that neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post could ignore, or even spin, those developments. MSNBC, CNN and other sufferers of the Trump Derangement Syndrome would probably label investigations or indictments as vindictive acts by a tyrannical President and his lackey Attorney General, but the general public would know the truth. They know he is looking into the Clinton emails, FBI Director Comey’s bogus Clinton investigation, the FISA Requests, the Fusion GPS Steele Russia Dossier, and the spying, surveillance, whatever you call it, on the Trump Campaign, the transition period, and the Presidency. They dread the upcoming Inspector General Michael Horowitz, an Obama appointee, report on the FISA abuses.. They’ve had to move past the Russian Collusion to obstruction. They failed, much to their dismay, on Russian Collusion, but they still want to destroy the Trump Administration. They will fail on obstruction. They believe they have to undermine and destroy Attorney General Barr to save themselves. Speaker Pelosi called the Attorney General a liar, a “lap-dog” for President Trump, and an “enabler” of obstruction. The best defenses can be a good offence or a preemptory strike. Representative Jerry Nadler, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is trying both. It’s a charade. The obstruction and contempt of Congress charges are as specious as the Russian Collusion Delusion. Don Corleone said “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” Chairman Nadler made Attorney General Barr an offer he could not accept. The Chairman and the Attorney General both knew that the AG would be violating the law if he turned over the full, unredacted Mueller Report. The AG cannot reveal by law Grand Jury proceedings. Nor do did discuss, unlike FBI Director Comey and Secretary Clinton, reports of an ongoing investigation which results in a decision not to prosecute. The AG prepared a less redacted for, 98.5%%, version of the Mueller Report for Committee members to read and take notes. Not one Democrat did. Chairman Nadler was allowed to read almost all of the report. He didn’t. Instead, he’s yelling contempt. AG Barr explained to Congress that he would be happy to comply if Congress changed the law. That’s not going to happen. The House Judiciary Committee today voted to hold Attorney General Barr in Contempt of Congress for refusing to violate the law and commit a crime. That will go nowhere if it ever gets to court. Imagine Contempt of Congress before the House Judiciary Committee when Representative Steve Cohen (D. Tenn.) showed up Monday morning eating a bucket of KFC chicken to demonstrate AG Burr was a coward for a non-show. The chicken chomping Cohen said “Chicken Barr should have shown up today and answered questions.” Where’s the contempt in Congress? Chairman Nadler earlier said: “The choice is simple. We can stand up to this president in defense of the country and the constitution we love or we can let the moment pass by.” We could also stand up for the Constitution and the rule of law. Chairman Nadler today said “We are now in a Constitutional Crisis.” We are, because the Democrats are pandering to the left wing-nuts of the far left in the Party. It's all rhetoric based on nothing factual. The Democrats in their fury are playing with fire, constitutional fire. The Democrats have five options with their comptempt citation: 1) Have the Department of Justice prosecute their boss, the Attorney General. Didn't happen with Attorney General Holder in the Obama Administration, and won't happen in the Trump Administration; 2) File suit in federal district court to enforce the citation. Even the most liberal federal judge would be leery of ordering the Attorney General to commit a crime; 3) Send the House Sergeant at Arms to arrest Attorney General Barr and throw him in the House jail. That would initiate a armed conflict between the Sergeant at Arms and the federal marshalls who protect the AG; 4) Sit on it and let the media run with it; or 5) Sit on it, and do nothing. Speaker Pelosi has chosen #4 so far.

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