Friday, December 9, 2016

Fake News Alert" Fake News Alarm! Fake News Alert! Read All About It!

HILLARY CLINTON WON THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION The CIA was behind the Russian hacking, not the Russians. The CIA made it look like the Russians were hacking. The Russians did not hack the Podesta emails.; they manufactured them as agit-prop. The North Koreans hacked the Russians hacking the DNC. The Russians found nothing in the DNC hack so they made it up. The Russians had a Hillary clone call the Trump supporters deplorables and irredemables. The Russian Hillary clone told the Kentucky coal miners she would put them out of business, but replace their jobs with welfare. The Russians called upon their moles to infiltrate every polling booth using paper ballots or the mechanical, non-electronic voting machines. The Russians have been secretly financing Donald Trump for 30 years. Donald Trump is ineligible to be President because he was born in his grandfather’s lodge in the Canadian Yukon. Senator Bernie Sander was a Manchurian Candidate. Rosemary Woods created the 18 minute gap in the Clinton emails. ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC, as well as Fox debate hosts, leaked the questions to Donald Trump before each debate. Julian Assange works for the NSA. Wikipedia commissioned the leaks. Hillary Clinton’s aides created the personal email server without her knowledge. The secret Clinton server was actually kept in the Watergate. Senator Bernie Sanders misplayed his role. His appointed task was to make Secretary Clinton look conservative. The election was called before the late votes from Detroit, Philadelphia, and the Texas Hill Country came in. Secretary Clinton’s broken Russian reset was a coded signal to the Russians that she would not play along with them. The Obamas hate the Clintons so the call for a national inquiry into Russian hacking is a diversion to divert attention away from the President’s sabotage of her campaign. Vice President Al Gore hated the Clintons for costing him the 2000 election so he sabotaged her campaign in 2008 and 2016. It is mathematically impossible for Flyover Country to outvote California.

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