Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Let California Pull a Calexit and Secede if it Wishes

If California Wishes to Secede From the Union, Let It California on the left coast is disillusioned with the recent election. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by roughly 2½ million votes, which came from California. The nation’s most populous state with 38 million citizens thinks it lacks political power in the United States. The House Majority Leader, Representative Kevin McCarthy (R. Bakersfield) and House Minority Leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D. San Francisco) are from California. California has almost as many people as Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Idaho, West Virginia, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah, Iowa, Connecticut, and Oklahoma combined, but they have 24 Senate votes compared to only 2 for California. California politicians complain they send more money to Washington than they get back. The numbers would substantially change if California had kept all its military bases rather than abandoning them: The Presidio, Treasure Island, Letterman Army Medical Center, Hunters Point, Alameda Naval Air station, Benicia Arsenal, Fort Ord, Hamilton Air Force Base, Mare Island Naval Shipyard, McClellan Air Force Base, Oakland Naval Air Station, El Toro Marine Air Station, Tustin Marine Air Station, Long Beach Naval Shipyard, Fort Irwin, Norton Air Force Base, George Air Force Base, and Vandenberg Air Force base. California supposedly leads the country and the world, but the red map of America is growing and the blue map is shrinking. The fear 4 decades ago was that California would slide into the Pacific. Just let it slide away, one way or another. The South tried secession 150 years ago. That failed. I read once that it was the industrial strength of the North and the farm boys of Michigan and Ohio that defeated Dixie. Michigan and Ohio won’t fight to keep California in the Union. Look around California for Detroit (and Ohio) cars. California buys Japanese, Korean, and German cars in a “Up Yours” motion to Detroit. Hollywood celebrities, Barbara Streisand, Leah Dunham, et al, who threatened to move to Canada can now stay in the new Peoples Republic of California. The rest of America will no longer have to listen to their political pontifications. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if they had to get a visa to go to Vegas? The rest of America can cut California off from the low cost hydroelectricity of the Pacific Northwest and the waters and hydroelectricity of the Colorado River while California wages war on cattle flatulence to fight global warning. Possible names for the new state: Peoples Republic of California Nueva California Alta California Alta California might even rejoin Baja California. California is outraged at President Elect Trump. San Francisco, which releases illegal immigrants to San Bernardino County and to kill tourists, is a proudly, arrogantly, in your face sanctuary city. Los Angeles is a sanctuary city. Sacramento is a sanctuary city. Oakland is a sanctuary city. California is a sanctuary state. The Los Angeles Unified School District is sanctuary. The University of California is becoming a sanctuary university while the legislature is strangling it financially.. California is a sanctuary state. The newly installed legislature is debating the measures to be enacted to make California a sanctuary state and defeat President Trump. Illegal immigrants is the legislative priority – not the deteriorating roads and streets – not the businesses and individuals fleeing the taxes and regulations of California California is leading the nation in becoming a Nanny State. Let it secede. People have been California Dreaming and flocking to the Golden State for over 200 years. They’re still coming, legally and illegally. The sun, the beaches, the glitter of Hollywood, they come Birthright citizenship, They come. The 49ers came for gold. Today, they come for silicon, in the Valley and implants. Secession is a two-edged sword. Residents of six far north counties in California want to secede from California and become the State of Jefferson, although the state of the eternal high might be more appropriate. Another 16 counties have joined their request West Virginia seceded from Virginia during the Civil War. Let Northern Northern California secede from the Nanny State of California. California voters in November voted for gun control, plastic bag taxes, $2/pack cigarette taxes, taxed recreational marijuana, high income taxes on the rich. The secession sponsors want California to “become a free, sovereign, independent nation. It’s more likely to validate Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. To be fair, the Central Valley and Inland Empire should also join the State of Jefferson, thereby separating Red California from Blue California. The Central Valley, the country’s largest agricultural producer, is California’s flyover country to the coastal elitists. They tolerate Riverside Country in the Inland Empire only because Palm Springs is there. Orange County would join them, but it’s turning purple. Nueva California will be left with Silicon Valley, Hollywood, tourism, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Haight Asbury, Disneyland, and jammed freeways. Two thoughts for the tax and spenders salivating in California. First, they could keep all the tax dollars flowing to Washington. Second, the redistributionists would not be constrained by the Bill of Rights or other provisions of the Constitution.

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