Thursday, December 8, 2016

President Elect Trump Visited Columbus Today and the Survivors of the Islamic terrorist Attack; Where Was President Clinton?

More Sudden Jihad Syndrome – This Time in Columbus Columbus, Ohio, the Heartland of America, was attacked a week ago Monday in yet another example, of home-grown Sudden Jihad Syndrome. A young Muslim male seeks salvation with Allah by attacking infidels. Strangely, President Obama exercised the Sounds of Silence on this attack. Not a word of outrage on the attack. Not a word of comfort to the American people. No reaching out to the citizens of Columbus or the students at Ohio State. Just silence! Perhaps because no guns were used in the attack. Thus, not the robotic attack on guns by the President. A car and butcher knife bought that morning from Walmart were the weapons used. I’ve written earlier that guns kill. So do knives, and cars. President Obama is concerned by gun killings, except apparently in Chicago, and white cops killing blacks. A white police officer shot and killed a black teenager in Columbus. Normally President Obama would be decrying the shooting of the Black teenager. Even President Obama realizes that would be stupid. The Administration will not call it terrorism. Nor can it find a reason for the attack. Once again, it’s radical Islamic terrorism through the Sudden Jihad Syndrome. President Elect Donald Trump meet privately today with the victims, families, and first responders in the Columbus. He singled out the heroic police officer who shot and killed the assailant. President Obama remains silent on the attacks He said earlier today that his intelligence briefings did not prepare him for the rise of ISIS. That’s because he didn’t read the briefings half the time and fired intelligence officials, such as General Flynn, who tried warning him of the dangers of ISIS. President Obama was knowingly ignorant of the risks. President Obama hails from Illinois in the Midwest, but he’s not returning to Illinois at the end of his Presidency. He’s staying in D.C. He’s not returning to Flyover Country, the land candidate Clinton referred to as inhabited by “deplorables” And “irredemables.” He doesn’t need Ohioans votes anymore. Why go to a state he doesn’t need which rejected his successor? He’ll rather be golfing than visiting Ohio for fake remorse or reading his daily intelligence briefings.

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