Tuesday, December 27, 2016

President Obama's Anti-Semiticsm in Now in Plain View for he World to See

The Obama Administration passively sat on its hands and mikes last Friday as the United Nations formally branded Israel a Rouge Nation. or The Obama Administration orchestrated the vote behind the scenes. The Obama Administration on its way out of office let pass a resolution labeling the Israeli settlements “a violation of international law.” The proclamation held that Israeli settlements on lands occupied since 1967 have no legal validity. We have known for 8 years that President Obama reviled Israel, but carefully masked it as personal animus towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We have known for 8 years that the Obama foreign policy has several planks based on complete naiveté: 1 The United States military enforces a foreign policy of global oppression; 2 Israel is the root source of chaos in the Mideast 3 Israel is an oppressor nation, especially to the Palestinian people 4 The source of stability in the Mideast is to be Iran 5 His national security advisors consist of political operatives like Tom Donilon and Ben Rhodes or clueless advisors like Susan Rice. We have recognized for 8 years that President Obama might well pull the plug on supporting Israel, but hoped he wouldn’t. His foreign policy was obvious early. First, he insulted our true ally, England, by shipping the Churchill Bust. Then he sat by as the Mullahs ruthlessly suppressed Iranian student demonstrations against a stolen election. Not a peep of solidarity or even outrage. The Mullahs cemented power and resolve. They knew what they needed to know about the new American President. They had his number. The third early step was to summarily abandon the anti-ballistic missile defenses in Czechoslovakia and Poland, President Obama was peeved in 2011 that the Prime Minister rejected his 13 non-negotiable demands. He kept the Prime Minister dangling and then abruptly left, saying he was going to go to dinner with his family. He let Then he let Prime Minister Netanyahu sit for three hours Israel and the United States entered into an agreement in 1975 to guarantee Israel access to oil at reasonable cost. The agreement was twice extended for a ten year term. The State Department did not renew the agreement in November 2014. The Prime Minister was flying to the United States when the President delivered a speech before the United nations. He demanded in his speech that Israel retreat to its’ pre-1967 borders. Rumors are that Israelis was about to unleash its air force on the Iranian nuclear facilities when the Obama Administration warned Israel in 2014 that the United States would shoot down the Israeli jets. Reports are also that President Obama denied access to Israel of the larger bunker busting bombs necessary to destroy Iran’s underground nuclear facilities. A related story is that the Pentagon delayed in resupplying Israel during its recent war with Hamas. The President was caught on a live mike in 2011 with French President Sarkozy, who complained about dealing with Netanyahu. President Obama responded “You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day.” Prime minister Netanyahu won reelection in March 2015. President Obama, who is outraged Russia interfered with our Presidential election, sent operatives and money to Japan to defeat the Prime minister. He also threatened the British if they voted to leave the EU. A high Obama Administration official referred in October 2014 to Prime Minister Netanyahu as “chicken shit.” The President acted now because he could. He is politically liberated. He needed the Jewish vote in 2008. He needed the Jewish vote in 2012. The voters rejected his program in 2010 and 2014. They defeated his globalist successor Hillary Clinton who needed the Jewish vote 6 weeks ago. He is free. He is liberated. He is released. He is embittered. He knows the American public has rejected his policies. He has the power of the Presidency under noon January 20, 2017. He will exercise that power. He will show the world that he is still President and meaningful. He is doing everything in his power to fulfill the program he entered office with 8 years ago. His war on fossil fuels continues. The long term consequences of President Obama’s Israel act are momentous. The United Nations has now effectively branded Israel a rogue nation, fueling the rising global anti-Semitism, including on American campuses. He risks splintering the Democratic Party. The Jewish bloc has been a core constituency of the Democrats since FDR’s New Deal. The President has created identity issues for the scores of Jewish politicians in Congress, state, and local offices. Let’s see how many will support Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota as the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee. The globalist President has imperiled Congressional funding of the United Nations. Very few Congressional Republicans are sympathetic to the UN. President Trump will place the interests of Israel above the United Nations. He is giving false hope to the Palestinians. Secretary of State explained that the Israeli Settlements are fueling terrorism. This excuse is as inane as President Obama continually proclaiming that Gitmo promotes terrorism. The reality in Palestine is that the school children are taught in Arabic that Israel is the enemy and terrorism, including suicide bombings, are encouraged. Look for Israel to accelerate the settlements. The Palestinians can have the two nation solution if they want it. They know the conditions. They have to recognize the existence of Israel. They won’t for three reasons. First, they can stay in office while demagogy with the Palestinian population. Second, they can get personally rich through corruption as long as they stay in power. Third, any Palestinian leader understands that any attempt to meaningfully negotiate with Israel can result in an assassination. President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and United Nations Ambassador Samantha Powers have made the United States even more feckless than before. President Obama has 24 more days to do additional damage to the United States, its friends and allies, and world order. The fear it’s not over. Secretary of State Kerry is rumored to be delivering a speech soon in which he will essentially attempt to dictate the negotiation terms between Israel and the Palestinians, followed by the Obama Administration pushing that resolution through the United Nations. President Obama begun his Administration by insulting one ally, England, and finished it by betraying a second ally, Israel. In between are Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, ISIS, Libya, Syria, the Russia Reset, China rising in the South China Sea, and Sergeant Bergdahl. The Obama foreign policy has been incredibly hapless, but sadly very consequential. He’s leaving the Mideast more unstable than usual. The proper approach is to take the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy and do the opposite. (By way of full disclosure, my parents split before my birth. I grew up the son of a single mom with my father staying absolutely, 100% out of my life. I knew his name, that he was from Chicago, that his parents immigrated from Romania, and that he was wounded in World War II during the Italian Campaign. I grew up Christian, attended a Jesuit University, and married in the Church. I found out recently through a DNA test on 23andMe that I am 46.5% Ashkenazi. My dad was Jewish! Thus I am a Christian who is half Jewish)

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