Monday, November 12, 2012

Questions From Last Tuesday's Election

Questions, Questions, Questions 

How can we continue to claim the United States is a center right country?

How can the three states with the highest unemployment rate, California, Nevada, and Rhode Island, vote to reelect the incumbent President?

How could the President win reelection in the worst economy since the Great Depression?

How could Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al, have been so wrong?

Is it possible that 59 districts with 19,605 votes will cast 19,605 votes for President Obama and 0 for Governor Romney?

Is it possible that a similar result could have occurred in Cuyahoga County, Ohio?

How could many of the polls, which were wrong four years ago, could be right Tuesday and vice versa?

Will the mainstream media take a refresher course in journalism?

Why didn’t Governor Romney respond in some way to the $100 million, vicious anti-Romney advertising campaign last summer?

Why was Governor Romney’s strategy after the first debate seemingly that of Governor Tom Dewey in 1948?

Where was the Republican ground game, especially in Florida, Wisconsin, and Ohio?

What happened to the 3 million McCain voters who did not vote for Governor Romney?

What will President Obama do the next 4 years? No, not his agenda, but what will he physically do with his time?

    He spent the last year campaigning full time for reelection. Before that he golfed, vacationed, and fundraised assiduously, with time out for using the Bully Pulpit.

Will he become President in fact, or continue as a dilettante playing at President?

Will the second term curse strike? If so, when?

Will future campaigns become a year long negative campaign of personal destruction?

What would Ayn Rand think today?

What if Sarah Palin had run?

What will happen in 2014?

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