Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Obama's Mandate

President Obama won a mandate yesterday to carry out his agenda, his semi-stealth agenda. Whether he won by one vote, 567 votes, or 2.6 million votes, he won. He won the Presidency of the United States. That is a mandate to govern.

He won, proving he is a great political genius in his own mind. He has a mandate.

He has a mandate even if the Democrats did not win the House of Representatives back. He has a mandate even if Republicans now control 30 governorships and most state legislative bodies.

His personal agenda is to transform America, to transform America from President Reagan’s vision of individualism and personal liberty to one of statism.

He doesn’t need Congress to carry out his agenda. He has three inherent powers that provide a wide range of executive power. First are his administrative agencies. He believes in Green Energy. The EPA will continue through administrative regulations to dismantle the coal industry. Coal is a four letter word to them because of its status as a greenhouse gas.

The EPA will also act to restrict fracking. The Obamanites are opposed to all forms of hydrocarbon energy production, of which natural gas is one. Regardless of the price of gas, "Drlll, Baby, Drill" will not be an option.

The EPA put on hold, pending the election results, several proposed regulations that will harm the energy and mineral industries. It will now proceed to issue them.

The second major power of the President is executive orders, as with his modified Dream Act.

His third power is the Bully Pulpit, which he will not hesitate to use. If his second administration is like his first, we know he will not engage in on-hands governance. Instead, he will let others do the heavy lifting and then grab the Bully Pulpit.

His administration, as with every administration, will exercise discretion in the actions it takes, such as the suits brought or not brought by the Justice Department. We have seen how Attorney General Eric Holder has exercised those powers over the past four years.

The Republicans lost 2 seats in the Senate bringing them down to 45 seats. They still retain the power to filibuster Senate bills, but the President has the power of appointment. The Republicans cannot filibuster every Presidential appointment.

The most critical appointments the President will make over the next 4 years will be to the Supreme Court. The odds are that he will have 2-3 appointments to the Court, of which at least one will replace a conservative justice. The President will remake the federal judiciary over the next four years, minimizing the third branch of government. The appointments to the appellate tribunals will uphold most of his actions.

The Constitution will be rewritten by an Imperial Presidency and judicially amended by activist judges. Chief Justice Roberts showed the way in the ObamaCare decision.

ObamaCare survives politically, but it will ultimately self-destruct of its own weight. An attempt to restructure 1/6 of the nation's economy, oblivious to economic reality, is destined to fail, but only after doing great damage to the American people.

His agenda will include a further decrease in the defense budget and degradation of the military. We have a hint of his views in an unscripted conversation with Russia’s President.

He will not stop Iran from making the Bomb, so Israel will have to go it alone. With or without Israel acting against Iran, he will further turn against Israel. We know what he thinks of Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu in another unscripted moment.

The President will promote social justice, his vision of social justice, and strike out against the malefactors of great wealth, the banks, the insurance companies, the oil and gas industry, and the wealthy. Remember, they didn’t make it. He also let out that Americans should vote for him “out of revenge.”

That is President Obama’s agenda and mandate.

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