Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is Governor Romney's Debate Strategy for Tonight?

What is the Governor's Romney’s Debate Strategy for Tonight?

We all want to know what the Governor Romney’s strategy is for tonight’s first of three debates.

That’s not the critical question though. The real issue is “What is the Governor’s strategy for winning in November?”

Do you know? Can you figure it out?

I can’t.

Governor Romney has a law degree from Harvard. He also has a MBA from Harvard and spent most of his career in business. He’s disciplined, so one presumes he has mapped out a plan, the political equivalent of a business plan, to get elected president, and is adhering to it.

What is it?

Is it “I’m not President Obama so vote for me.” A large segment of the population has soured on the President and will vote for Governor Romney no matter what, even during a hurricane in the South or a blizzard in the Frost Belt. They may not add up to a majority.

Is it “It’s the economy, stupid?” He seems to be losing that argument eventhough the economy is in the tank and headed over the cliff.

Is it “I’m a great businessman and manager?” Wall Street is in the crosshairs this year. He’s emerging as the second coming of Governor Michael Dukakis.

Is it "Quiet Competence?" Too quiet.

Is it “Steady as it goes?” It’s not so steady now. Plans need flexibility.

Is it "I'm a nice guy?" The Governor by dint of personality cannot out nice the President.

Is it “I will absorb the early blows and then come out blazing?”

Is he therefore adopting the General George Thomas approach or that of President George W. Bush?

General Thomas, the “Rock of Chickamauga,” was slow to fight, but when he did he overwhelmingly destroyed the army of General Hood at the Battle of Nashville. He is now regarded as one of the greatest Union generals of the Civil War.

President Bush ignored all the criticism after the Tragedy of Katrina, thereby becoming regarded as a failed President eventhough the onus should have fallen on Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans and Governor Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, whose failures to act were culpable. Mayor Nagin failed to use the subsequently flooded school buses to evacuate the citizens of New Orleans, as called for the city’s emergency action plan. Governor Blanco refused to declare a state of emergency and start evacuation before Katrina struck.

Admittedly, I am in California, and hence do not experience the full flavor of the campaign. However, the Obama forces have been castigating, demagoguing, slandering, maligning, and lying about the Governor for six months. He has done nothing, said nothing in response. No wonder he is viewed as an out of touch, diffident plutocrat.

His response to the constant 47% charge – non-existent. The big lies about his $2,000 tax increase on the middle class – the sounds of silence. Outsourcing? - as unprepared as he was when Senator Kennedy used it against him in 1994. His being a bully or conversely a wimp – just suck it up. He’s possibly a felon or not representative of the Mormon religion – quiesence. The list goes on.

Americans want leadership in their President. They are not getting it from President Obama, who has been AWOL from governing for the past year. The voters seek it from the Governor has not projected leadership.

He has not offered the American voter a reason to vote for him. To the contrary, President Obama has successfully projected many of his flaws and plans onto the Governor.

What is Governor Romney's vision for America? It should have emerged in the Convention.

President Obama is succeeding in his plan to fundamentally transform America. You ain’t seen nothing yet if he’s reelected.

Of course, President Obama has been pandering to select voting groups: African Americans, Hispanics, women, and students. What has the Governor done to narrow the margins? For Hispanics, it’s “Me too” on the Presidential Dream Act. The Governor has been marketing reproductive rights and women’s health issues to women? The Governor’s response???????

Maybe he’ll deliver the right quip tonight. Maybe he will outshine the President who has trouble off teleprompter. Maybe the Governor will deliver a resonating vision of America tonight.

Maybe, but is it according to plan?

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