Thursday, October 4, 2012

Should Bill Maher Ask for His Million Dollars back: Questions and Reflections on the Debate

Should Bill Maher Ask For His $1 million back? Questions and perceptions on last night’s Debate

The acerbic comedian Bill Maher contributed $1 million to the Obama Campaign. I have no problem with that any more than with George Soros contributing millions to the Democrats and the Koch brothers millions to Republican campaigns. That’s free speech in action.

If HBO wants to put him on a little watched hour show, that’s HBO’s call. As potential viewers, we can watch or not.

Questions about the debate:

How could Clint Eastwood be so prescient at the GOP Convention? He knew something with the empty chair representing President Obama, who was attempting to phone in the debate.

Can we rescind Vice President Al Gore’s Nobel and Oscar for gross stupidity? He theorized the President’s poor performance was because the President had not adjusted to the elevation in Denver.

Does Chris Matthews still get that tingle down his leg?

Is there a golf course at the Westin Lake Last Vegas where President Obama prepped for the debate?

     Yes; the resort has a private golf course.

Did the President golf during prepping?

     Your guess is as good as mine.

Does the President really believe his talking points?

Which of the two debaters wore the larger American Flag pin?

    Not the candidate who did not want to wear an American Flag pin four years ago.

We know President Obama did not read many of the Daily Briefing Reports on national security.  Is he just as lax with domestic reports?

      The President practiced for the Denver debate in Las Vegas. He arrived Sunday night and attended a campaign rally at a high school.

     He visited a campaign office on Monday and then on Tuesday toured Hoover Dam. He quipped “basically they’re keeping me indoors all the time.” He added “It’s a drag. They’re making me do my homework.”

     Sounds like he was a truant.

Why did President Obama single out Donald Trump?

     Donald Trump has gotten under the petulant skin of President Obama through constant criticism. The President, with a reputation for arrogance and a thin skin, just could not let it pass. The President diminished the Presidency.

Which network had the largest viewership during the conventions and yesterday’s debate?

      Fox News by a landslide.

Which organization, a vigorous booster of ObamaCare, objected to the President using their name in the debate?

      The AARP

How do you explain the New York Times?

     It was clear to all media observers, and even Obama campaign staffers, that Governor Romney decisively won the debate.

    Chuck Todd and Dave Gregory of NBC immediately called Romney the winner. Chris Matthews and Ed Cafferty of CNN were chagrined at the President’s poor performance. Matthews offered a real debate on CNN. Ed Schultz of MSNBC proclaimed Romney the winner. The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, almost every major newspaper, except the New York Times, recognized Governor Romney as the winner.

    Media supporters of the President used words, such as flat, nervous, tentative, tired, bored, smirk, poor body language, uninspired, and unprepared to describe the President’s performance. others called the President lazy and arrogant.

     Bill Maher of the million dollar contribution tweeted a number of comments on the President’s performance. He wrote “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter.”

     The comedian clearly did not get his moneys worth out of the President’s performance.

     The lead editorial of the New York Times used such words as “misrepresented,” “false claims,” “falsehoods” and “turnabouts” to describe the Governor’s performance. The editorial reads like talking points from the DNC and not a reasoned editorial by a board of esteemed editors.

Are many of the Obama supporters, including in the media, beginning to recognize the President is an empty suit?

     Don' clear the space at Mount Rushmore yet. Don't rank the President as smarter than Thomas Jefferson. Go back and watch the videos of his press conferences when off the teleprompter.

Does the debate mean that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the Obama Campaign on negative ads against the Governor gone down the drain?

What is the response of the Obamanites to the debate results?

     They became sore losers, with even the President today calling Governor Romney  “dishonest.” Sour grapes are not a winning strategy.

Will the President be better prepared for the next debate?

     Yes, but next week Vice President Biden debates Congressman Ryan. If Governor Sarah Palin crushed the Vice President four years ago, what will Congressman Ryan do to the Veep?

     The joke is on Bill Maher.

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