Thursday, October 25, 2012

"B**ls**:T" America, I Shrunk the Presidency.

Remember the movie, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?”

We are now witnessing “America: I Shrunk the Presidency,” brought to us by the President of the United States.

It began when he went on his world apology tour, admitting to America’s misunderstandings, mistakes and miscommunications. He never actually used the word “apology,” but he conveyed the message.

He also bowed to foreign potentates, an act previous presidents did not do.

Let’s skip to the present.

The President’s Campaign has spent half a billion dollars trashing Governor Obama the past six months. The decision was made to savage the Governor rather than campaign on the President’s accomplishments. Ignore the economy, ignore TARP, ignore the Stimulus Bill. The economy is an albatross hanging over the President.

The problem is that the President personally, and incessantly, engaged in the Trash Romney Crusade, often exhibiting a malicious delight in attacking the Governor. He smirks at his own humor, all the while diminishing the Presidency.

He's losing the gender gap in the process.

The tradition is that the Vice President and surrogates are the heavy hitters, taking the low road while the President takes the high road. The purpose is to maintain the dignity and stature of the Presidency. The lower the President sinks, the lower the Presidency.

The Presidency has shrunk this past year as the President has been engaged in full time campaigning and part time presidency. He has not been executing the responsibilities he was elected to four years ago. He has not even listened to the daily security briefings, preferring to show up on The View.

Forget press conferences – do Jay Leno, David Letterman, John Stewart or Jimmy Kimmel. This campaign tour may help his reelection campaign but does diminishes the Presidency.

These are some of his campaign themes the past half year:


      Bain Capital


      Big Bird


      Free contraceptives



      Romney’s tax returns

      Tax the 1%

       War on Women

He just hit a new low though. A Rolling Stone Magazine interview with the President will come out tomorrow, but is currently available online. Eric Bates, Executive Editor of Rolling Stone, said to the President near the end of the interview that he had asked his six year old daughter if she had anything to say to the President. She responded “Tell him, you can do it.”

That’s a nice touching story.

President Obama’s reply was “You know. Children have good instincts. They look at the other guy and say ‘That’s a bullshiter. I can tell.”

So why the obscenity when talking about young children? He’s desperate and sees his reelection headed south – “DDT,” as we called it in high school – Down Da Tube.

He knows he losing. Even worse, he knows he blew it in the first debate, and even if he won the next two on points, he realizes he lost those by not winning. President Obama deep down recognizes he’s losing because of himself. That is an unacceptable reality for one as narcissistic as President Obama. He is becoming increasingly sarcastic and snarly. Sarcasm is an escape mechanism.

The President is also projecting.

The challenger looks like a confident, successful incumbent president, while the incumbent comes across as a beaten down contender.

We expect leadership from the President, - not a shrinking president.

Four years of “Hope and Change” have now become Bullshit. How low can it go?

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