Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Watch Dr. Phil Thursday As a Murderer Confesses

And now for something different!

I don’t watch Dr. Phil. I saw 10 minutes once, and that was 10 minutes too long.

I vowed to never write about Dr. Phil.

But when Mark Augustine Castellano kills his paramour, and then confesses to Dr. Phil two days before he confesses to police, how can you resist?

The 37 year old Texas computer technician had a fire and ice relationship with 31 year old Michelle Warner. They had a 3 year old son in between splitsville. Sometimes she went to live with an alternative, part time boy friend.

September 22 was one of those times when he snapped. Indeed, he snapped her neck in Houston, wrapped her in plastic and later drove her body 500 miles to West Texas. He pondered how to dispose of the corpus delicti for a day and a half, while her body marinated in the car, her car. He unceremoniously dumped her into an oil field ditch, covering it with dirt.

Her family reported her missing three days later. He told the police she had taken off, as she was sometimes wont to do, leaving her 3 year old son behind. He had trouble explaining to the Houston police how she left since he had driven her car to Odessa in West Texas.

The police couldn’t figure it out.

Mark may be a computer technician, but he’s not a rocket scientist. He showed up to tape a full confession with Dr. Phil. Todays rule is if you suffer from guilt, then you must confess with Dr. Phil on the air. Let it all hang. out, on air, for the whole world and then Youtube. You shall be released, but not freed.

Sidebar to a legal technicality - Any pyscho-therapist-patient privilege of confidentiality is not going to work with an on-the-air national broadcast.

The plot thickens when her family flies out to also tape with Dr. Phil. We have a missing woman, but it’s Showtime!

Texas once had a statutory privilege whereby a man could kill his wife and her lover if he caught them in flagrante delicto. It did not apply to anticipatory cheating by a girlfriend.

Texas frowns upon homicide. Only the fact that the murder did not appear premeditated will save him from the executioner. Gross stupidity is not a capital offense in Texas.

Mark provided a full confession to the police two days after meeting with Dr. Phil. He directed them to her body.

This is Hollywood. Mark should get high ratings and his 15 minutes of fame on Dr. Phil.

The show is scheduled to air Thursday.

I will not watch.

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