Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reflections on the campaign Up to Now and Tomorrow's Debate

Proposition: A President, an Administration which consistently refuses to acknowledge Islamic terrorist attacks on the United States, whether it be by Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Ford Hood, the Times Square Bomber, or at Benghazi, does not deserve reelection.

Proposition: A President, an Administration which surbordinates national security to politics should not be reelected.

Proposition: A President, an Administration which leaks national security secrets for political purposes must not be reelected

Reality: Why The Obama Campaign is failing

       The President has not offered Americans a positive reason to vote for him. This is what the President offered the public during the Convention and first debate:

             1 billion dollars more for green energy

             100,000 math and science teachers

             Higher taxes on millionaires (starting at $250,000), oil companies, and private jets

              Reducing carbon output

This is Obama's campaign before and after the debate::

            He's not Romney

            Romney lied, lied, lied

            Romney outsources

            Romney is Bain Capital

            Romney will raise taxes on the middle class

            It's always someone else's fault

            It was worse than we thought when I took over

             Don't go back

             It's all Bush's fault

             Save Big Bird

             He was too nice in the debate

   President Obama has not offered positive reasons to vote for him

   And now for tomorrow's Vice President debate

    I will be on an airplane and hence miss the debate between the blowhard and the policy wonk.

    The odds favor Congressman Ryan, who is intelligent, thoughtful, knowledgeable, articulate, and conveys a puckish charm. He runs the slight risk of coming across as a know-it-all.

    Vice President Biden's handlers must be sweating bricks in advance of the debate. The VEEP is a hail fellow well met with the forensics skills of a trial lawyer, but an undisciplined trial lawyer.

    If he simply parrots the Obama talking points, Congressman Ryan will make him look like a fool. If he wanders off script, he runs the risk of a major gaffe on national TV.

    Don't be surprised if Vice President Biden unleashes a personal attack on the Congressman.

    The Vice President is a proclaimed foreign policy expert. The simple approach, which Congressman Ryan should adopt, is to forcibly adopt the opposite position. He won't go wrong.

    We can assume he will be better prepared than President Obama a week ago.

    VP debates normally don't affect the outcome of the Presidential race. However, if, and this is a big if, Congressman Ryan decisively defeats the Vice President, then the Romney-Ryan momentum should accelerate.

   Let's ask this fundamental question: who would you prefer a heartbeat away from the Presidency? Vice President Biden or Congressman Ryan?

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