Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Who's Your Daddy DNA Testing Truck

I love New York - the energy, the accent, the beauty, the drive, the ingenuity, the enterprise, and the entrepreneurship of New Yorkers.

The huddled masses give rise to greatness.

Jarad Rosenthal is the latest to find a need and fill it in New York City.

Who's your daddy is part of the modern American vernacular. It is also a Great Toby Keith song.

Jarad now brings to the Big Apple not a food truck, but the Who's Your Daddy DNA Testing Truck.

Why charge $5-10-15-20-25 per meal with limited capacity when you can charge $299-575/DNA test?

A family of 6 might consume $100 of food at a truck, taking up 15 minutes of time, but 6 swabs in a couple of minutes, even with a family discount, are a small fortune.

Why put up with zoning and code restrictions and political fights with restaurant owners when DNA trucks are so new as to be unregulated?

Not sure Junior is yours; your daughter looks suspiciously like your neighbor, then do the test. 

Your long lost cousin shows up, do the test. 

Trying to beat a paternity rap, do the test.

You've been deployed to Iraq, do the test.

You're a road warrior, do the test.

Just jealous, suspicious or paranoid, do the test.

Just catch the cruising brown and white Jarad's RV with the bold red DNA and then enter quickly the  RV for privacy.

Jarad will deliver the test results in person or through the mail.

It's a booming business. A national wave of publicity provides free advertising for Jarad.

The DNA Truck is on a roll.

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