Monday, August 20, 2012

Senator McCaskill Is the Big Loser in Congressman Todd Akin's Implosion

Claire McCaskill is the Big Loser in  the Todd Akin self-immolation.

We all know by now that Congressman Akin committed political suicide yesterday in his senate race against Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill.

The Republicans believe they lost the Senate contests two years ago in Colorado, Maryland, and Nevada because the primary voters nominated candidates suffering from Hoof and Mouth disease coupled with excessive baggage. They are witnessing an instant replay with the Congressman threatening to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Congressman Akin’s incredibly sexist, misogynist, insensitive, inflammatory, and stupid comments about rape and abortions doom his election against perhaps the most vulnerable Democratic Senator up for reelection this year.  Senator McCaskill has ethical and tax issues, sweetheart deals for her husband, and voted too often with President Obama.

Senator McCain won Missouri four years ago and Governor Romney has an increasing lead today. The Senator was political toast and now so is the Congressman.

The Congressman apologized profusely for his remarks, but he can’t walk them back. They’re on tape; he wasn’t drunk, on drugs, or claiming lack of sleep. Maybe he had a senior moment at age 65. His college degree is in mechanical engineering, but he’s clearly not a rocket scientist.

There is no plausible deniability; the video is for everyone to see.

He made the mistake of being a conservative, religious Republican who the mainstream media will crucify when given the chance. Joe Biden may get a pass on racially insensitive remarks, but Republicans are held to a double standard.

The Republicans are throwing the Congressman under the bus. He vows to continue; he’s “not a quitter.”
He seeks forgiveness, but forgiveness does not equal electability.

He can say what he wants, but money is the lifeblood of politics, and he has none. He’s pleading for his traditional, conservative, Evangelical base to contribute on an emergency basis. They won’t in the amounts he needs. Evangelicals are highly educated; even they have to be shocked about his comments about “legitimate” rape.

The Republican Senatorial Committee is denying the Congressman the $5 million they were going to contribute to his campaign. Karl Rove’s Crossroads PAC has just pulled out of the Missouri Senate race.

Neither Sarah Palin nor The Tea Party supported Congressman Akin in the primary. He's not their man to stand by.

Congressman Akin may be in a state of denial, but he has until 5:00pm tomorrow to withdraw under Missouri law.

So how is Senator McCaskill the big loser?

Her campaign realized early that the Congressman would be the weakest candidate against her of the three Republican primary candidates. The Senator, the Democratic National Senatorial Campaign, and a Democratic PAC ran at least  $1.2 million in primary ads designed to swing the conservative Republican vote to Congressman Akin. The ads pointed out how conservative he is, “The most conservative congressman in Missouri” and “Missouri’s True Conservative.” Then near the end, if you got that far, the ad stated that he was too conservative for Missouri. Sounds like Democratic political dirty tricks.

Congressman Akin proved yesterday that the democratic assessment of him was accurate. 

Unfortunately for the Senator, the Congressman imploded too early. She’s actually asking him to stay in the race.

Once he drops out, and he will, the Missouri Republican Party will replace him with a viable candidate.

Her political fate is sealed.

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