Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Biden Surfaced Yesterday.

Joe Biden Surfaced Yesterday
He came up for air, as if it were Ground Hog Day. Joe emerged from a cocoon and meta-morphed into Joe Biden.
Joe Biden surfaced in Virginia. He thought it was North Carolina and said “With you we can win North Carolina.” That’s a reasonable mistake. He’s never certain which of the 57 Obama states he’s in.
Remember, Virginia is the state where the President a month ago said “You didn’t make it.” Joe was listening. He didn’t make it in Virginia.
The Vice President was unchained yesterday. He was unshackled.
He then said to the predominately African American audience of 800 in Danville, Virginia that Romney wants to unchain the banks in his first 100 days, and then continued about the Romney-Ryan ticket in a quasi-Southern, but definitely condescending, drawl to the friendly audience “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.” Perhaps Joe Biden was from Southern Scranton.
Now we know why we haven’t heard Joe lately. He was muzzled. Let’s see if the Obama campaign sends him back underground for six more weeks.
Two back to back gaffes in a few minutes is a new record for the Vice President. The irrepressible Joe Biden cannot control or contain himself.
The President normally sticks to TOTUS. Only when he goes off the teleprompter does he make a gaffe, such as 57 states, “You didn’t make it” or “The private sector is doing fine.” The Vice President will not be chained by a teleprompter. Consequently, he needs a shovel-ready shovel sometimes to dig himself out.
Both the President and Vice President are drawing small crowds. What a difference a day, or 4 years, can make.
Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan are separately and together drawing large, enthusiastic crowds to their venues. That’s a sign.
A lot can happen in the 82 days to the election, but we know Biden gaffes will be among them.

The Vice President is but a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Who would you prefer to represent the United States as President - Joe Biden or Paul Ryan? 

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