Sunday, August 12, 2012

Did Mitt Romney Cause 9/11?

Did Mitt Romney Cause 9/11?

Of course not, you say. That’s an absurdity. No way!

Binder, you’re losing it to even raise such a patently false proposition. Are you hallucinating?

Just hold on a moment.

Why not?

It’s about the only thing the Obamanites have not accused Governor Romney of.


The President cannot run on his record. Had The Stimulus paved the road to recovery, the President would coast to reelection like President Reagan in 1984. Instead, the economy is a disaster. President Obama ignored the Clinton maxim “It’s the economy, stupid” and turned to transforming the country instead. 

Thus, he’s running for reelection as the second coming of President Carter.

He has to run a negative campaign to get reelected. The more desperate his campaign becomes, the more negative it will become – the deeper it will descend. The Obamanites are carrying the politics of personal destruction to a new low.

The various charges can be called petty, malicious, Mickey Mouse, defamatory, scurrilous, smarmy, stupid, lies and deceptive, but they serve the purpose of diverting attention from the economy. Besides, if you throw enough garbage against the wall, something might stick.

Let’s look at the various accusations.

Priorities USA, a pro Obama PAC, released an ad last week claiming that Governor Romney as a vampire through Bain Capital killed a cancer victim, implying he’s a murderer.

How about Mitt Romney started Bain Capital with money from families linked to the El Salvador Death Squads?

He’s been called a felon.

The tax cheat is not releasing his tax forms because A) he paid no taxes for ten years, and B) He’s hiding assets in the Cayman Islands.

He wants to raise taxes on the Middle Class. The President called it Romney Hood.

He favors tax cuts for the rich

He outsources jobs

He’s rich

He’s guilty of animal cruelty, letting a dog ride in an auto carrier on the car’s roof for 12 hours

Romney is both a bully and a wimp.

The Republican Party and Governor Romney are waging a War on Women

Anne Romney never worked a day in her life

So why link Mitt Romney to 9/11.

Two of the four planes took off from Logan Airport in Boston.

Romney was Governor of Massachusetts.

Therefore, the Governor could have done something to prevent it.

Since 9/11 occurred in 2001, and Romney was not Governor of Massachusetts until 2003, this syllogism is clearly ridiculous.

However, it is no more off in terms of time or facts than the Priorities USA ad. This 9/11 syllogism is the same twisted logic that led to the Bain Capital cancer claims.

President Bush was accused of doing nothing to prevent 9/11 because Richard Clarke had provided warnings of Al Qaeda’s threat to America when he stepped aside as Chair of the government’s Counter Terrorism Security Group.

That was more political garbage.

This campaign is being waged in the gutter by the Obamanites, and perhaps into the gutter. 

Is there no end; are we increasingly witnessing the Big Lie at work?

No, Mitt Romney did not cause 9/11, and I hope the Obama Campaign does not stoop that low, but there will be something else at least as scurrilous as the Bain cancer ad coming from the Obamanites.

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