Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do We All Have a Hidden Roger Pion in Us?

Do we all have a hidden Roger Pion in us?

Don’t we all have a little Roger Pion in us?

The story is simple. Roger Pion received a ticket, and then took his farm tractor to the Sheriff’s Station and crushed seven vehicles.

Deep down, don’t you somewhat identify with Roger?

Wasn’t it worth a little laughter when you heard the story?

Haven’t you at some point identified with Howard Beale in Network: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore?”

What about Lovely Rita, Meter Maid when she ticketed you in spite of your protestations?

When the other driver cut you off, or didn’t move when the light turned green, did you ever feel a twitch of road rage building?

Have you ever wanted to throw the phone down when dealing with the prompts sequence?

What’s your reaction to dropped cell calls?

How do you handle bad officiating?

Have you felt the urge to tell off your obnoxious boss?

Do you ever feel the pressure building?

Admit it, you’ve all felt the need to blow sometime.

Eventhough we can normally control it, don’t we have a touch of Roger Pion in us?

Don’t we all have a little, just a little, Roger Pion in us?

Let’s look at the real Roger Pion.

Newport City, Vermont police patrolman Aaron Lefebvre pulled over a car on July 3, 2012 when a speeding car lacked a rear license validation sticker. Officer Lefebrve caught the aroma of marijuana coming from the car.

Cutting to the chase, a records search pulled up an outstanding warrant on 34 year old Pion, who was sitting in the rear of the car with his pitbull and a gun. These are clues Pion is not normal. He was arrested for possession of marijuana and resisting arrest.

That’s not easy to identify with.

Roger Pion on August 2 drove to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office with his red Case MX255 full size tractor with 8 tires. Pion, perhaps still smashed, acted as if his tractor were Big Foot, the monster truck, proceeded to crush all seven Sheriff’s vehicles, 5 cruisers, an unmarked car, and a transport van. He wiped out entire Sheriff’s fleet, causing $250,000-300,000 in damages. The deputies never heard anything inside their closed, air-conditioned offices. Only a 911 call alerted them to the carnage. 

Newport City and state troopers responded, catching Pion in flagente tractor.

Roger Pion was arraigned on Tuesday, August 7 on 11 felony and three misdemeanor counts. Bail was set at $50,000.

Smashed, stoned, drunk, the Roger Pion in us should be repressed.

Howard Beale maybe, but Roger Pion, No!

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