Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cleveland and Philadelphia: A Tale of Two Conventions; A Tale of Two Americas

We just watched the two national conventions. History was made in the Democratic Convention – the nomination of a woman for the Presidency of the United States – a moment as significant as the nomination of an African American 8 years ago. We also had Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton delivering perhaps the best speech of her life, but why would you believe anything she says? How good was her speech? Forget the commentators and the polls! Her husband fell asleep, snoring the speech! Let's see if that end up in some political ads. We end up with a Tale of Two Americas. The Republican Convention represented the traditional America – an America of hard working Americans who believe in the American Dream and see it disappearing – an America of what was once referred to as “lunch bucket Democrats.” The Democratic Convention presented a Rainbow representing the Democratic coalition. It also represented today’s version of the McGovern Democrats of 1972 – a fringe out of touch with reality. The Rainbow included every group Donald trump has supposedly offended. The Democratic Party has historically represented the working class of America. Not now, unless they are in the public employee unions. Hundreds of teachers from their unions are normally delegates to the DNC. Political conventions usually feature the main speakers surrounded by scores of American flags and at appropriate times police officers. The Democratic Convention on the first night had a dearth of American flags, but plenty of Russian and Palestinian flags. An Israeli flag was set afire outside the convention hall. The DNC the first three nights featured Black Life Matters and the mothers of young African Americans killed by police officers. The only police present were for security. Secretary Clinton tonight brought the American flags and police officers, but the real message was the first three nights. To combat inequality, the Democrats paraded a host of overpaid celebrities. The DNC delegates represent the fictional Julia of President Obama’s 2012 campaign. They believe they need the federal government to provide for them, whether it be jobs, healthcare, free college tuition, student loan forgiveness, justice and equality, or whatever. Yes, you can get everything you want from this week’s Democratic Party, except police protection and national security. Words like terror, ISIS, and national security were absent the first three nights from the speakers, except last night when former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Leon Panetta, spoke of fighting terror and ISIS. He was roundly booed by the delegates. Tonight though Secretary Clinton mentioned fighting terror and ISIS. She had to, but look at the first three nights for the true feeling of the delegates. “Judge them by not what they say, but by what they do!” Two words missing from the DNC and the nominee's speech: "Inner City." The Democrats have no solution or hope for America's inner cities. The once, and hopefully never future, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi earlier this week explained Secretary Clinton’s problem with white males being “Guns, gays, and God.” She was echoing Senator Obama’s April 2008 comments at a San Francisco fundraiser about the workers in Pennsylvania clinging to their guns and religion. The Democrats have arrogance for the working people, who they profess to represent. Secretary Clinton’s speech had two pieces of plagiarism in one sentence, but the media won’t pick it up. Willie Sutton, the fabled bank robber, was once asked why he robbed banks. He responded because “That’s where the money is.” The 1976 movie “All the President’s Men” about Watergate popularized the famous line “Follow the money.” Secretary Clinton said she would pay for her programs by taxing Wall Street, corporations, and the super rich: “That’s where the money is, and we are going to follow the money.” It’s as much plagiarism as Melania Trump’s. Translated, Secretary Clinton's economic program is to increase government spending and raise taxes; in other words, to double down on President Obama's failing ecomomic rec0overy. Michelle, Barack, and Hillary all tell us how great America is, but the American people feel it slipping away. The Republicans recognize that not only the middle class is slipping away, but Americans in general know it. Their convention was of the real America. The DNC’s is one blind to reality. Secretary Clinton in normal years would be cleaning Donald Trump’s clock in this election. He has offended so many groups in America, many of them in the Democrats Rainbow Coalition. The Democrats offered not stay the course, but more of it. The Republicans offered a reversal in course. Which America will it be November 5?

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