Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump versus Clinton: The Choice is Easy

Trump versus Clinton: A No Brainer Trump Clinton A Breath of Fresh Air Stale An American Original Programed Created tens of thousands of jobs Created 1-10 jobs (aides, assistants and Chauffeurs) Built the Grand Hyatt, New York, Built a House of Cards Trump Tower, Trump Plaza, Trump Place, Trump World, Trump International, Trump Parc, et al New York Values Clinton Values Made it in New York Made it in Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arkansas, D.C., New York, D.C., and made it with Bill Talks to ordinary Americans Talks about and above ordinary Americans Work Free Law and Order Black Lives Matter Judicial Restraint Judicial Activism Won’t release tax returns Won’t release transcripts of speeches to Goldman Sachs, not to mention emails and billing statements Owns world famous golf courses Husband known for playing golf with Mulligans Tax reform Tax increases Straight shooter Congenital or pathological liar Risk taker Plays it safe Career entrepreneur Career politics Transparent Political expediency True outsider Consummate insider Coal miners mining coal Coal miners receiving welfare Keystone Pipeline No Keystone Pipeline Fracking No fracking Energy Independence Energy dependence Freedom of Speech Repeal Citizens United Right to Bear Arms Repeal Heller Veers off message Disciplined Thin skinned Clintons hold grudges The Apprentice The Last Hurrah Republican Nomination- Earned Democratic Nomination – a rigged coronation Business bankruptcy Moral bankruptcy Publicly insulting to foes Privately insulting, abrasive and arrogant; known to throw things Hair ? Hair – always changing Own Man “I am Woman” He’s for you You’re for her

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