Thursday, July 7, 2016

Five Police Officers Dead in Dallas, Five Dead in Dallas; When Will President Obama Stop the Preaching Against "Police Brutality?

Five Dead in Dallas: When Will President Obama Stop Preaching Against Police Brutality Four Dallas Police Officers dead. 11 shot in all as I write this blog. Two snipers are suspected with the picture of one suspect, an African America. The police were protecting a peaceful protest when the snipers shot the protective police. President Obama pontificated earlier today, (is harangued a better word?) on Black Lives Matter with the recent tragic shootings in Baton Rouge and St. Paul. He gets strongly emotional when white police officers shoot blacks. He publicly proclaims his outrage without knowing the facts. The fatal shootings may be justified. They may not be. He doesn’t wait for the facts to express his outrage. He doesn’t wait for justice to run its course because his mind has been made up. The officer is always wrong and the victim right. It actually started with a non-shooting when Sgt. Crowley of the Cambridge Police arrested Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates at the Professor’s house. A neighbor phoned the police saying someone was breaking into the Gates’ house. A tired Professor Gates refused to identify himself to the officer, whereupon the officer detained him. President Obama quickly attacked the Cambridge Police. He later apologized and called it a teachable moment. He asked the protagonists to the White House for a “beer summit.” He didn’t learn from his own teachable moment. The tone was set. He would quickly attack the police without learning the facts. President Obama is highly vociferous when white officers kill black victims. President Obama is highly reticent when blacks kill, sometimes from ambush, police officers, white or otherwise. He’s silent on the scores of homicides in Baltimore and Chicago, his home. President Obama is highly reticent when illegal immigrants murder or rape innocent victims. President Obama is highly reticent when blacks murder, rape, and steal from blacks; i.e. black on black crime, even in his home of Chicago. President Obama consistently, and almost reflexively, takes the side of the victim. Ferguson and the shooting of Michael Brown triggered riots, lootings and arsons from a false narrative. “Burn, Baby, Burn.” The President was reticent, Baltimore burned. Burn, Baby, Burn, as the President was highly silent. FBI Director Comey says there is a Ferguson effect on police officers. Officers hesitate to arrest. His Justice Department denies it. He has unleashed the Justice Department on police departments all over the country. He has said that “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” (a needless tragedy, but not a police shooting). President Obama has consistently sided with the Black community. President Obama has used the Bully Pulpit to fuel the flames of racism. Five police dead in Dallas and he pleads again by rote for gun control. Reap where ye have sown. The public notices.

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