Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore: Two Peas in a Pod?

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore have so much in common. Al Gore was President Clinton’s Vice President for 8 years. He won the democratic nomination for President in 2000 to succeed President Clinton. Al Gore was the anointed successor to President Clinton. Florida, Tennessee and West Virginia got in the way. Had he won any one of the three, he would have become President instead of Governor George W. Bush. He lost because of history. The last two sitting vice presidents to be elected President were George H. W. Bush in 1988 and Martin Van Buren in 1836. Both were defeated for reelection. It seems that VP’s receive little of the credit, but a lot of the displeasure for the President they served under. President Clinton had a ton of negatives by 2000, including personal scandals, the bust, and questionable pardons. Al Gore lost Florida because of the Cuban-American vote. President Clinton had heavily armed federal officials snatch Elian Gonzalez from his Florida relatives and sent him back to Cuba, outraging the Cuban refugee community. They took it out on the Vice president. The VP could never find the proper balance of running with President Clinton while distancing himself. Secretary Clinton is not President Obama’s Vice president, and has not been his Secretary of State for four years. However, she has wrapped herself around President Obama as his successor to carry on his policies. She’s running for a third Obama term. Second, neither Hillary nor Al won office in their own right. Both stepped in family shoes. Al Gore, Jr.’s path was paved by his popular, populist father Al Gore, Sr., who served 14 years in the house and 18 years in the Senate. Hillary Clinton’s political career was paved by her husband. She could but have started her political career without following her husband. Third, neither Hillary Clinton nor Al Gore is an engaging public speaker. Of course, eloquence by itself is not a determinative factor in measuring a presidency. If it were, President Obama would be the greatest president in American history. Fourth, neither one can create excitement in their own right. Fifth, neither is bound by the truth. Secretary Clinton never stops lying. Al Gore invented the internet and left inconvenient facts out of his “An Inconvenient Truth.” Sixth, and most significant, neither is secure in themselves. The Vice President had to hire an image consultant to tell him how to dress and present himself. He was never his natural self, whatever or whoever he may be. A web site existed while Governor Bill Clinton was running for President and during his early years in the White House. It was She was constantly changing her hair then, just as she has been changing her dress style these days. She cannot find a personal comfort zone. As to her hair, she became a blond. The rumor was that she changed from brunette to blond once she realized her husband, the lothario, was especially attracted to long-legged blonds. She couldn’t do anything about her legs, but she could change her hair color.

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