Thursday, January 22, 2015

Warning: Eating While Driving in Cobb County, Georgia is a Ticketable Offense

Madison Turner was cruising down I-75 January 10, minding his own business at 3:40 in the afternoon, indulging in a great American pastime: dashboard dining. He was savoring the delectable McDonald’s double quarter pounder, when flashing lights appeared behind his 2009 BMW. Madison was driving his 2009 BMW within the speed limit and was not swerving lanes. Yet there was the trooper: “Hands up; drop the food; don’t eat the corpus delicti.” Or was it: “Put the burger down or I’ll shoot.” The unidentified officer of the Marietta, Georgia Police issued a ticket which says “Eating While Driving,” the new offense of EWD, or is it DWE? The officer told Madison “You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger,” after allegedly following him for 2 miles. Eating while driving is not in the Motor Vehicle Code. Will Madison pay the fine, or contest it? He has time to chew it over. Distraction is the problem, but Madison was driving safely. Which have you indulged in: Dashboard Dining Drinking coffee Changing stations, DVD’s, volume levels Applying lipstick or makeup Shaving Petting a pet Pets on life Sightseeing Texting Cell Phoning Checking directions or a map Glancing at the GPS Kissing or more Talking Singing Taking medicine Smoking Day dreaming Gawking or rubber-necking Looking at billboards Forget the classic speed trap. This is so much easier. Cops will now stake out the fast food restaurants on freeway exits and chase those who drive off with a morsel in their mouth. The signs will say “Easy Off; Easy On; Easy Ticket.”

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