Thursday, January 15, 2015

Please Governor Romney, Don't Run for President Again

Governor Romney Please Don’t Run Mitt, say it’s not so, no go. Just say No. Say you are not running for President again. You want it; you could taste it two years ago, but it's not happening. The GOP won't nominate you a second time, and the American public won't elect you. You’ve achieved great success in the Mormon Church, the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, and in business. America should be proud of a distinguished entrepreneur like you. You should be an exemplar to us. You are not though a politician. We all have limitations. Politics is yours. You’re 1-3 in elections. It would have been 1-4 if you had run for reelection as Governor of Massachusetts, but you wisely chose not to seek reelection. You’re a good person. You would have been a better President than President Obama, but you lost. You lost to Ted Kennedy; you lost to John McCain, and you lost to Barack Obama. You run the risk of becoming this generation’s Harold Stassen. You have several problems. First, you don’t connect with the public or voters. I saw you at a campaign speech at Chapman during the 2008 Republican primaries. I said to my friend: “You looked like a preppie, you talked like a preppie, you walked like a preppie.” You are a preppie, and that’s how the public perceives you. You don’t connect. You’re too stiff. You possess no empathy. It’s your persona. Second, You run awful campaigns, and still want to go with the same staffers. You were excoriated during the pre-convention months in 2012. You were painted as a rich, ruthless, unlikable non-taxing paying corporate parasite. Stephanie Cutter of President Obama’s campaign staff even clamed you may have committed a felony. Your Response: Nothing. You let them paint you without a response. Third, your views aren’t understood by the voters because you are tagged with changing with the winds. Are your positions an expression of deep beliefs, or of political expediency? Fourth, You let a reporter, Candy Crowley, take you down in the second Presidential Debate. That was your chance to decisively score with the Republican base and independents. You whiffed. You're a numbers guy who wants to throughly think a problem through before acting. Leadership requires instinctive responses and risk taking. Your response to Candy Crowley was neither a display of competence nor leadership. Fifth: RomneyCare. You can’t escape it. Sixth: You take too much time during the campaign to make decisions. That does not bode well for the Presidency. You won the nomination in 2012 because he raised sufficient funds to outlast your fellow contestants. The money will not be there this round. It’s unfortunate for America, but the Presidency is not for you.

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