Friday, January 30, 2015

Play Ball; Enough of Deflategate America; The Rest of the News

America, or at least the media, has been obsessed with ball deflation for almost two weeks. Nothing else has happened in the world. Brian Williams leads off the NBC Nightly News with Deflategate. 12½ ounces becomes the new Algebra. Is Tom Brady obsessed wit a few ounces. Did Spygate Belichick do it? The real issue of Super Bowl XLIX has been missed: Which cheating coach will win? Bill Belichick of Spygate or Pete Carroll, who knows nothing of Reggie Bush Here’s what we’ve been missing. Homeland Security, Secret Service and NFL are providing immaculate security to the 108 Super Bowl game balls made in Ada, Ohio. Forget Super Bowl Sunday. Wednesday, February 4 is the big day – National Signing Day. Michael Moore and Seth Rogen took potshots at American Sniper. Rogen should avoid Interviews. Mitt Romney dropped in and then out of the 2016 Presidential race. The media ignored the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan The Bibs apologized for his past arrogant behavior. Hershey’s has seen the future. It’s beef jerky – not chocolate kisses. President Obama showed his support for the middle class by attempting to tax 529 College Savings Plans. Even Nancy Pelosi balked at that. President Obama enjoys chewing gum in front of foreign leaders, removing it, and then placing it back in his mandibles. The peripatetic, millionaire Secretary of State John Kerry was fined $50 for not shoveling the snow off his sidewalk while he was in Saudi Arabia. Sheldon Silver, the Speaker of the New York Assembly, was indicted on federal corruption charges. The NCAA lifted many of its sanctions against Penn State, but is still sticking it to USC. Will Gadd climbed the frozen Niagara Falls. Tiger Woods golfed a 44 on the front nine. The homicide trial of New England Patriots tight end is underway. Suge Knight was arrested for murder and unable to raise bail. Target is pulling out of Canada, leaving it to WalMart, while Radio Shack is winning the retailer race into Chapter II. The IRS has granted a contract to the Canadian owned CGI Federal, which blew the ObamaCare rollout, to manage the IRS ObamaCare Program. Disneyland, whose tickets are almost as expensive as the Super Bowl’s, is giving away Measles for free.

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