Saturday, January 17, 2015

James Taylor: Our Nouveau Foreign Policy

James Taylor: Our New Foreign Policy has been unleashed on the world. A million marched in Paris; 40 world leaders But not President Obama! He was in the White House, apparently doing nothing: no golf, no fund raising, no campaigning. Maybe he was secretly smoking or searching the internet for a anti-Islam video to explain the Paris attacks. Vice President Biden was in his Wilmington, Delaware residence, apparently doing nothing except charging rent to the Secret Service. The Secretary of State, John Kerrey, was occupied elsewhere. Attorney general Eric Holder was in Paris, but he apparently chose to return to the United States. Forty world leaders: England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Kosovo, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, PLO. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Albania, Luxembourg, Algeria, Benin, Mali, Malta, and the King of Jordan. No President Obama. We sent the Ambassador to France to Paris. Foreign ministers from Algeria, Austria, Egypt and Russia, No Secretary of State Kerry. Secretary Kerry is making amends. He returned to France yesterday with a friend, James Taylor, to sing “You’ve Got a Friend” slightly out of tune. James Taylor is a great singer, a magnificent troubadour, who has given us incredible songs. I did not know until now that he was our secret foreign policy weapon, held in reserve until the time arose. The brilliance of John Kerry! None of us could have thought of that international coup. The Obama Administration gave the Ukrainians MRE’s, the Brits the Churchill Bust, the Israelis the back of the hand, a teachable moment to the Cambridge Police, and now James Taylor to the French. As Isis, Isil, Is executes and beheads the infidels and heathen, the victims can be comforted by “You got a friend.” President Obama is not a good negotiator. Now he sends James Taylor as our roaming ambassador for FUBAR Redemption. If the aging FUBAR Ambassador tires out, he could always sing “Carolina in my Mind.” President Vladimir Putin is the Rodney Dangerfield of international leaders. He believes he gets no respect. James Taylor could sing “You got a friend” slightly out of tune. As for the ayatollahs in Iran, Ambassador Taylor’s message is “You got a friend with the Bomb” followed by “Fire and Rain.” My own preference would be Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction.

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