Friday, February 22, 2013

Sequestration is Not

Sequestration may be many things, but here's what sequestration is not; This list is of what the sequester will not do: 1) It will not affect the President’s travel and golf budget. President Obama can thereby continue to play golf with Tiger Woods at taxpayer expense while federal workers are laid off or furloughed. 2) It will not affect the President’s vacation plans. 3) It will not force the President to actually govern as opposed to vacationing, golfing, and campaigning. 4) It will not affect presdient Obama's 100 city campaign swing for tax increases. 6) It will not affect the salaries of the members of Congress or their staffs. 5) It will not cause the Senate Democrats to pass their first budget in 4 years, or act on the two House bills that would end the sequester. 7) It will not shut the government down. 8) It will not cut the deficit or reduce government spending; it simply reduces the growth in spending. 9) It will not result in an economic collapse, contrary to the apocalyptic, Chicken Little the Sky is Falling pronouncements of the President, and the Parade of Horrors, Doomsday pronunciations of a complaint media. 10) It will not reduce the projected $3.5 trillion budget by more than $85 billion – petty cash in the federal budget. 11) It will not result in a real crisis, but a politically manufactured crisis. 12) It will not result in internecine fighting within the Republican Party or in Democratic control of the House in 2014. 13) It will not result in Republicans agreeing to raise taxes again, which would result in the destruction of the GOP. The elected Republicans remember the fate of President George H. W. Bush and state Republican office holders who voted to raise taxes. 14) It is insufficient to ward off the coming rise in interest rates and inflation. 15) It will not prevent at a future date the inevitable reassessment of the major entitlement programs, including social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare. 16) It is just one more excuse for the President to demagogue Republicans and continue his perpetual campaigning. 17) It will not be as devastating to the economy as President Obama’s 2% payroll tax increase and the rest of the January 1, 2013 income, capital gains and dividend tax increases. 18) It will not slow down the rise in gas prices, which will have a devastating effect on the economy. 19) It is not the end of the Republic. Sequestration is, of course, a stupid idea. It is President Obama’s idea.

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