Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reflections on Super Bowl XLVII: Quote the Raven Evermore

Well done to the Baltimore Ravens not only for winning Super Bowl XLVII, but for naming O.J. Brigance honorary captain and recognizing him in the awards ceremony – a true tough of class. O.J. was a star of Super Bowl XXXV for the Ravens, but has been fighting ALS for 5 years. Where is the late Jim Garrison now that we need him? The former New Orleans DA was an exponent of the New Orleans connection to the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy. His prosecution of Clay Shaw resulted in an acquittal, but he nevertheless published three books on the “conspiracy.” Was the blackout a conspiracy to A. End the game; B. Take the 49ers off life support; C. Beyonce was too hot at halftime; D. Increase sales at the concession stands, and thus boost the N’awlins economy; E. The Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, who was left behind because she gained 1.4 pounds, got her revenge; or F. New Orleans residents expressing their displeasure for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? Are Jim Harbaugh’s fingerprints on the power box? Does Jim Harbaugh ever smile? Are you surprised that Jim Harbaugh did not give a post-game interview to CBS? Will we be subject to another Harbaugh Bowl? Why couldn't it have been the 49ers against the Patriots - two cold blooded former Michigan quarterbacks at war with each other? Am I the only one who thinks the officiating was ragged and inconsistent? Did the non-call on the 49ers last possession remind you of the call by the replacement refs at the end of the Seattle – Green Bay game? Ray Lewis leaves as a winner, and not that it matters, how does he grade on the game films? Why were players slipping on the indoor field of the Super Dome? Why were the ads by the foreign car companies so weird? Was there a memorable ad during this Super Bowl? Does anyone really want to see the 44 outtakes on the Go Daddy kissing scene?

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