Monday, February 4, 2013

Portends of the Second Obama Administration

A word to the President: “It’s still the economy, stupid,” but the President doesn’t care. His inauguration address made it evidently clear, as if there was any doubt, that his goal is not economic growth, but economic redistribution, in the name of fairness: tax increases, spending, tax increases, green energy, tax increases, gun control, and tax increases. His is a social agenda, not an economic agenda. He warned us five days before his first inauguration that he was going to transform America. His vision for America is not based on economics, history, reality, wisdom, of the lessons from Europe’s economic collapse. He’s intent on following Europe’s course out of “fairness.” His philosophy is based on envy, hatred, and victimization. He possesses an unbridled faith in the power of government to solve all problems, unchecked by facts. The media crucified Governor Sarah Palin for her poor performance in the Katie Couric interview. The best that can be said about former Senator Chuck Hagel after his Senate confirmation hearing is that he looks like a senator. Governor Palin came across as a genius compared to the Secretary of Defense nominee. He confirms the premise that President Obama wishes to decimate America’s military. By putting the Defense Department in the hands of a dolt when America is being attacked throughout the world by terrorists is the equivalent of unilateral surrender. The former Senator promises to be the worse Secretary of Defense since President Clinton’s Les Aspin, the person responsible for Blackhawk Down. At least it can be said of Secretary Aspin that he was smart with an undergrad degree from Yale and a Ph. D. in economics from MIT. He just wasn’t a good Defense Secretary. Pity the poor Democratic Senators. They have to stand by their man, the President, this early in his second term, hold their nose, and vote for an empty suit, Chuck Hagel. It will cost the President goodwill and cut short his second presidential honeymoon. The Senate confirmed Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State to succeed Secretary Hillary Clinton. Senator Kerry is like Vice President Biden. Find out his views on an foreign policy issue, and then do the opposite. The report issued last week showed the economy shrank .01% in the fourth quarter. The decline can be viewed as an anomaly or as a warning. President Obama responded by disbanding the President’s Jobs Council, which he created two years ago. Such dips are usually a warning. Gas is over $4/gallon today, but not a peep from the President about the potential threat to the economy. His Administration abhors fossil fuels such that his Administration brings questionable charges against fracking companies for perhaps killing up to 5 migratory birds, but is licensing wind companies to “incidentally” take about 40,000. His Administration will ignore the law. The EPA blissfully continues on its way, losing case after case in the courts. The NLRB is proceeding as if the courts have not found the recess appointments unconstitutional. This President is intent on treating his new term as a repeat of his first two years. Ignore the economy and push his social agenda. Then it was ObamaCare. Now it is everything left over except the economy: gun control, immigration reform, “investing” in teachers and the public sector, and redistribution. He told us on Super Bowl Sunday that we need more tax increases coupled with “smart” spending reductions. He’s already taken Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security reform off the table. That leaves the Defense Budget. He will be willing to cut Defense through sequestration and then blame the Republicans for the mandated cuts in social programs. He’s not worried. He will demagogue and vilify the Republicans if anything goes wrong. He knows the suppliant media will let him blame anything and everything that goes wrong on the Republicans and President George W. Bush. Some Obamaisms will remain the same – a diffident president. He spent the first two tears of his Presidency by golfing, vacationing, and speechifying. He spent the second two years by full time campaigning. He is now in campaign mode and speechifying. He will continue to subordinate the people to the state. Our Founding Fathers and the Constitution posited power comes from the people. He believes the State takes power. The ultimate result will be the failure of the individual and the state.

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