Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tony Robbins' Fire Walking Burn

Tony Robbins is a highly successful motivational speaker. His seminars include an exercise in fire walking. Take action. Unleash the power within. 

My power though, however much or little it might be, is with the pen. The pen is mightier than the coal.

Fire walking is a counter intuitive exercise. Take your shoes off and walk on burning coals. Proponents claim over 3 million people have engaged in the spiritual exercise. I’m not one.

It’s apparently safe. Hence it serves as a relatively safe, but adrenaline rising experience in proving you can do it. I don’t need walking on burning coals to know my potential and limits, even though I’ve read about the secret to successful coal walking.

The scientists still can’t figure out the physics to non-burning hot coal walking, but they claim to have found Higgs Bosom, the God particle.

Go to Tony and find yourself. Go to Geneva and find God.

The truth to hot coal walking is to spread the coals out thinly.

Accidents happen, just as they do with the rattle snake handling Pentecostal Church of God in parts of Appalachia and rural communities. I recommend staying away from faiths which test you with hot embers or rattle snakes.

One of the unfortunate incidents occurred with Burger King a decade ago in Miami. Burger King, which advertises its burgers are “flame broiled,” probably should not create a “Team Building” experience of walking on hot coals.

I digress.

Do you know the way to San Jose? Tony Robbins did last week, but do you know how to walk on hot coals in San Jose? Apparently 21 Tony Robbins attendees did not. They did not find the power within but the coals underneath.

Tony Robbins professed to be shocked, just shocked. I’m sure the attendees, including the 21 with fried toes, signed a waiver of liability clause just in case accidents happen. His own lawyers were not shocked.

Our only experience with the Robbins acolytes was about 2 decades. We spent a week in Hawaii on the Big Island at the then Hyatt Regency Waikoloa (now the Hilton Waikoloa). Robbins was holding one of his multi-day adventures at the hotel, attended by over a host of willing students. They were on a limited food regime, perhaps a diet.

Actually, it might not have been Tony Robbins, but John Robbins, the son of Baskin-Robbins founder Irvine Robbins. John took a different path than father, becoming a world famous, award winning advocate on nutrition, environmentalism, and animal rights. He preaches a plant based diet and authored such books as Diet for a New America.

We thought it was Tony, but the signage was confusing.

In any event, following the rules of eating with children on vacation, we ordered pizzas in the hotel’s restaurant. The pizzas were not DiGiornos, but clearly cardboard microwave pizzas.
The hotel complex was not close to outside restaurants or shops, so two days later we picked up pizzas from a restaurant and brought them back to the hotel. The hotel complex is spread out over hundreds of acres with the units in three separate, detached buildings, connected by a walkway, monorail, or river boats. The boats and monorail are based on Disneyland’s. The Hyatt was decadent, and we loved every moment of it.

The Robbins attendees watched as we carried the pizzas back. Their eyes teared, mouths salivated, tongues longingly hung out, and eyes bulged. I could have scalped those savory, seductive aromatic, pepperoni and cheese pizzas for the cost of the vacation, but choose not to test their faith.

Burning coals or succulent pizzas? Find your inner self!

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