Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Only July, and the Campaign Fundraisers Are Pouring Through the Mail Box.

It’s Only July, and the Campaign Fundraisers Are Pouring Through the Mail Box

2012 promises to be an epochal campaign.  The President, the Governor, and various Senatorial and national committees are engaged in a Herculean fundraising marathon, from here to November. Win or lose in November, the various campaigns are doing their best to keep the Post Office in business, at least into November.

Give a $1,000. Give a buck. Just give!

Bragging rights are at stake.

So far I have received 4 pleas from President Obama, 4 from Michelle, and 4 from Governor Romney. That’s just the beginning.  Barbara Boxer, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and Ann Romney have sought my political largess.

President Clinton’s was most enticing. The envelope said “Confidential information enclosed.” I could only speculate; my interest was perked. Just like President Clinton – promises, promises.  

Would he write about Hillary, Monica, or Paula? How about the negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians? Nope. Nothing confidential. I should have known better.

Those of the Democratic Senators said on the outside “Do not tamper or destroy.” That sounded either like a Freudian wish, or that a computer punch card was inside – “Do not bend, staple, fold, or mutilate.”

It’s tempting.

Michelle Obama’s four requests were the most enticing. Each contained a family photo of the President, Michelle, and their two daughters. Two of the photos had this personalized caption:

     “To Denis

      Movements for real and lasting change are sustained by the relationships we build with one another.

      Thank you for your support.”

The miracles of modern technology.

Still not giving!

Governor Romney sent one photo of him in blue jeans standing in front of a South Carolina barn with an American flag. The caption says

       “Mr. Binder,

         Thank you for believing in America as much as I do. America does not just exist for the people … it has been made exceptional by the people: a free people pursuing their own dreams and achieving success in their own ways. This is a moment that demands we return to our basic values and core principles.”

Yes, an appeal to patriotism and tried and tested American values. Or perhaps Gary Cooper in High Noon.
I believe; I believe!

The Romney picture was of the candidate and Americana. That of Michelle was of the family. An interesting contrast!

Another Romney fundraiser included a Believe in America Romney bumper sticker.

An Obama letter stated “Enclosure: Special thank you gift.” That’s fantastic. I haven’t even given, and he’s sending me a thank you gift. If I suffered from guilt, I might give.

The thank you gift was a backwards Obama bumper sticker. I guess the campaign motto for President Obama is “Back to the Future,” and not “Obama for America.”

How symbolic!

The nice thing about the free bumper stickers is that it beats the good old days when you had to pay a dollar for a sticker.

The letters also illustrate how screwed up the postal system is.

The President Clinton and Senator Schumer letters had 8.7 cents in postage on them, Senator Boxer, 9.9 cents and Senator Kerry 11.7 cents.  Others had presorted first class, presorted standard, and non-profit organization on them.

If our elected officials cannot even agree on postage, what does that say?

My only objection is that if we wish to keep families out of the political debates, apparently Sarah Palin’s family excepted, then the candidates wives should not be sending us fundraisers.

November 12, 2012.

Election day was last Tuesday. The final count on campaign mailings was 89, 67 Republican and 22 Democratic.

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