Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Am an American

I Am an American

I may be white, black, brown, bronze or yellow, but I am American.

I am Amish, Catholic, Mennonite, Protestant, Quaker, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Mormon, Orthodox, Muslim, Shia, Sunni, Sufi, Bahai, atheist, or agnostic. I am an American.

God bless America.

My name ends in a syllable or vowel. That makes me an American.

I may be African-American, American Indian, Asian American, Chinese American, French Canadian, German American, Greek American, Indian American, Italian American, Irish American, Japanese American, Mexican American, Polish American, Puerto Rican, or Vietnamese American. I am an American first.

America is the world’s melting pot.

I live in Chinatown, Germantown, Fillipinotown, Greektown, Korea Town, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Little Havana, Little Italy, Little Odessa, Little Tokyo, Little Saigon, Koreatown, Poletown, or Thai Town. I live in America.

I may be an attorney, baker, cowboy, day laborer, engineer, farmer, grocer, hostess, investment banker, jeweler, Kosher butcher, laborer, mechanic, nurse, osteopath, plumber, quality control manager, realtor, social worker, teacher, union member, vintner, writer, or zoologist. I am an American.

I patronize bodegas, Cambodian donut shops, Cuban restaurants, French bistros, Greek taverns, Irish pubs, Italian pizzerias, Jewish delis, Lebanese restaurants, and Vietnamese hair dressers. I am an American.

I live in a large city, small town, suburb, on a farm, in the wilderness. I am an American.

Beef Wellington, Belgium waffle, Bratwurst and sausage, bagels, burritos, tamales, and tacos, Cajun, Creole, curry, dim sum, pizzas, Fish and Chips, French bread, French Onion Soup, French Toast, German beer, Greek salads, Geek Yogurt, Indian corn, Kielbasa, Pizza, Ramen, Scotch, Shish kabob, Spaghetti,  Spanish rice, Sushi, Swedish Meatballs, Swiss Cheese, Tequila, Vodka are all American foods and beverages now.

I am a Democrat, Republican, independent, Progressive. I am an American.

Country, folk, pop, rock, punk rock, grunge, hip hop, rap, blues, jazz are all American music.

It’s great to be an American.

I may be an illegal immigrant driving a Toyota made in Canada, flying a LA Lakers banner, but I am an American.

The genius of America is two-fold. The first is assimilation.  Every major immigrant group is assimilated into America, but adds to it.

The second is the American Spirit, which is but the unleashing of the human spirit. Americans are free to achieve their potential.

The modern Greek Tragedy is an example. Greece may be bankrupt and the Greek people may be sinking into unemployment, but Greeks coming to America become American entrepreneurs.

This is American exceptionalism.

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