Monday, July 9, 2012

The Non-Obama Obama Utility Scam

Disasters and tragedies bring out the best in the American spirit. They also bring out con artists, fraud artists, and scam artists.

A new fraud scam was publicized today. The "Obama utility bill scam” is spreading through the country, having shown up in Dallas in May and Tampa last week. It has also appeared in California, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

The marks are contacted through emails, tweets, Facebook, telemarketing, and even shills canvassing door to door. Victims often spread the good news of the program through the social media.

The victims are told a federal program assistance program, a federal bailout, has been created by President Obama to pay a month's utility bill. You provide the company with your social security number to register in the program. The company will then provide you a fake bank routing number and account number to pay the current bill online. The fraudsters even receive a receipt for the bill.

Of course, you have not paid the bill and remain liable to the utility.

We receive bogus emails, texts, and phone calls seemingly daily. Almost all of us reject them.

What makes this scam believable is ever so much else is available from the government, often from the Obama Administration.

Unemployed, the list includes extended unemployment.

Extended unemployment running out, go on to social security disability. 8.7 million Americans (8,733,461) received disability payments in June, up from 7.4 million when Obama became President. More Americans collect disability than live in New York City. More Americans went on disability last month than gained jobs.

Mortgage in foreclosure or underwater? The federal or state government will come to your aid.

Student loans, with or without a job, The President lowered your interest rate.

Low income, get food stamps. 45 million Americans received food stamps in 2011, up 70% since 2007. The Obama Administration is recruiting Americans to sign up for food stamps.

Soon, ObamaCare will give you free health insurance.

Congress will not enact the Dream Act, President Obama just adopted it.

If health care is a necessity, why not your utility bills. Without electricity, there is no air conditioning to survive these hot summers. Without electricity, gas, or oil, winter heating is unavailable. Without electricity, there is no HD TV or internet access.

President Kennedy in his stirring 1961 inauguration address said “Ask not what your country can do for you - Ask what you can do for your country.”

Five decades later the premise of the Obama Administration is just ask what the government can do for you.
For free!

Almost half of American households, 49.5%, do not pay federal income taxes.

We are creating a culture of dependency on the government thanks to President Obama.

Yes, the utility scam is believable. I’m surprised the President hasn’t offered it yet.

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