Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Troubling Questions About Derek Chauvin

Troubling Questions about Derek Chauvin We’re troubled by Officer Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd. We know what we saw. We know police departments have trouble removing bad cops. We know old school police officers "educate" suspects who resist arrest. Something about the 8 minutes 46 seconds on the neck just doesn’t make sense. Even if Derek Chauvin is racist, the intensity of his violence still doesn’t make sense. Question 1. Was it personal? We know both Chauvin and Floyd worked security at the El Rodeo Nuevo Nightclub, which was torched in the looting. Maya Santamaria, the former owner, didn’t think they crossed paths at the Club. Chauvin worked outside and Floyd inside. She said though that Chauvin would excessively use mace if there was a fight on nights with predominately African American events. He would mace everyone and not just the fighters. She said he acted differently with Latinos. David Pinney, a former coworker recently said Floyd and Chauvin “bumped heads” on many occasions when Floyd complained to Chauvin that he was excessively rough on blacks. They had “a history.” If so, we have first degree murder. The excessive force was personal and malicious. Question 2: What is in his personnel file? We know 18 incidents, 3 involving shooting, were investigated in his 19 years on the force. That is almost one/year. That seems excessively high! These files are undoubtedly in the hands of the FBI and federal prosecutors as well as the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. They know what’s in them. Question 3: Do these files show a pattern of excessive force? Question 4: Tied into Question 3, does Derek Chauvin have an anger management problem? Question 5: Do the files show a pattern of racism, at least anti-black racism? Derek Chauvin may or may not be totally or partially racist. I say that only because his soon to be ex-wife is a Laotian American Question 6: What does his estranged wife have to say? Kellie Chauvin originally said he was gentle under his exterior. What does she say now? Question 7: Why was he on the streets? I understand that pursuant to union contracts the disciplining of police officers is difficult, short of a felony in some states, but why wasn’t he riding the desk? Question 8: Why was he teamed up with Tao Thao, who also had a history of complaints (6 complaints in 8 years? Question 9: Why was an officer with his record a training officer? Question 10: The most critical question of all: What the Hell was he thinking? My answers as a not even amateur psychologist is that he is a bad cop, racist, at least to African Americans, with an anger management problem.

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