Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Protests, Demonstrations, Marches, Looting, Rioting, and Arsons Over George Floyd, et al Do Not Address the Underlying Problems of the Inner Cities

George Floyd was maliciously murdered by a bad cop. Ahmaud Arbery was murdered by 2-3 racist whites, perhaps linked to the local police in Glynn County, Georgia. Breonna Taylor was shot 8 times by Louisville Police bungling the execution of a no-knock warrant at the wrong address. Rayshard Brooks was killed in a split second decision by trigger happy Atlanta Police Officer Garret Rolfe. All these are tragic, unnecessary killings. The anger in the African American community by the video of Office Derek Chauvin brutally killing George Floyd is palpable. They were joined by Americans of all stripes, especially the young woke generation, in the protests. Enough is Enough! Unfortunately they were also joined by looters, rioters and arsonists taking advantage of the peaceful protestors. Police are evil. APAB! Cries to defund the police sprung out. Defanging is more likely. Monuments and place names are being excised in America and to a lesser extent globally. All brings joy to some. Unfortunately, the inner cities will be in even worse condition after the euphoria ends. Defunding, dismantling, demonizing, decimating the police will not solve the inner city problems of crime, dilapidated housing, dropouts, drugs, failing schools, inadequate medical care, joblessness, payday loans, and single parents. The communities need hope, opportunity, and especially jobs. The looters and arsonists destroyed scores of minority owned businesses, which provided employment to the local community. Not all will rebuild or reopen. Police will reduce policing. That sounds like a good idea to some, but cities such as Baltimore show us when the police back off from the inner cities, violent crime rises. DA’s in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, and Seattle refused to prosecute the arrested protesters and looters. Yet, individual officers have been singled out for excessive force. Police get the hint. Ignore the non-violent crimes, and only respond to the greater crimes when necessary. Homicide rates climb in Baltimore and New York City. Chicago has been a disaster for years. 18 were killed in Chicago on May 31. Not one was by a police officer. 238 so far this year, up from last year. Baltimore has 75 homicides to date this year, up from last year. Police killings of blacks are a small percent of black on black homicides. Black on black crime rises when the police back off. That is a tragedy for the inner city residents. Money will be diverted to the inner cities after the Floyd outrage. The only job creation will be public employees in new or increased agencies. Private capital will stay out. The trillions invested in the inner cities since LBJ’s War on Poverty and his Great Society have not changed the conditions in the inner cities. The South Bronx is still the South Bronx. South Central LA is still South Central. The failing schools will not turn around, but the Democratic leaders fight charter schools to appease the teachers unions. By all means remove bad cops, but understand the contractual provisions the police unions put in their contracts to protect officers are the same provisions in teacher union contracts that prevent the removal of bad teachers. The public should not be shocked when police use force to break up unlawful assemblies. Innocent parties should not be standing nearby when the police ask them to leave. The Los Angeles teachers union wants to defund the Los Angeles School Police Officers, and reallocate the $70 million to the schools, meaning the teachers. So much for union “solidarity forever.” 470 School Police/Resource Officers and civilians will be disbanded. The quality of education will not improve. Pillory the police; villify, denigrate and trash them. Police understand that when their mayors, councils, and even superiors no longer have their backs, but now trash them, they will back off policing, often going through the motions. That will not affect Beverly Hills, but will hurt South Central Los Angeles. NYPD Officers always knew Mayor de Blasio despised them, but are now shocked Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr., dropped charges for “low level offenses.” He even dismissed the charges against the three arrestees who defaced St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Graffiti will return to the Big Apple. Eliminate qualified immunity. Sounds good, until scores of police officers decide not to enforce the law or arrest fleeing felons, who will be free to commit more crimes. Refine police training. Teach them that what they learn on the street, street policing, but not in the academy is probably bad, and if it results in excessive force or death, could be a ticket to jail. The families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rashard Brooks will receive substantial settlements from the cities. Money cannot undo a wrongful death, but it’s the best civil liability can do. Derek Chauvin will spend the rest of his live in prison. Capital punishment awaits Ahmaud Arbery’s killers in Georgia. Justice awaits them, but maybe not for the Louisville and Atlanta officers.

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