Friday, December 22, 2017

Trump Tax Cuts versus Obama's ObamaCare: A Tale of Two Parties

Both the Trump Tax Cut and the enactment of ObamaCare took about a year. Both were viewed negatively by the public. Both acts are emblematic of the two parties. ObamaCare was such a major act that Vice President Biden loudly whispered to President Trump that “it’s a big fucking deal.” The media celebrated the passage of ObamaCare. No Republican has called the Trump tax cuts a “BFD,” but they celebrated. The media thought their celebration was excessive and ill-advised. The public reaction against Obamacare resulted in Republican landslides across the board. ObamaCare is still unpopular. The Trump tax cuts are similarly disfavored by the public in recent polls. That opposition may change as workers soon notice increased pay checks. So far, they have been convinced by Democrats and the media that the tax bill simply represents tax cuts for the corporations and the wealthy. The two bills represent the differences between the parties. Republicans prefer cutting taxes and Democrats raising tax after tax: income taxes, property taxes, sales and excise taxes, cigarette taxes, gas taxes, and a seemingly infinite number of fees. Republicans believe that workers should keep their earnings. They earned it. Government should have a compelling reason to tax. Democrats believe that the government should decide how much of your earnings you get to keep because they know better than you the best use of your/their money. Republicans believe in enriching the people. Democrats believe in redistributionism. Democrats are very compassionate with other peoples' money. Republicans believe American exceptionalism was built on hard work, individualism, personal freedom, and liberty. The entrepreneur should be rewarded – not penalized by the government. Democrats believe that today’s America is built on the largesse of government. Thus, they increase individual reliance on government and the Nanny State. They believe the solution to every problem is to spend money on it. Many Americans are ignorant today of economics. Thus the classic “I got my Obama Phone” by the woman in Cleveland. The democrats wage class warfare to increase reliance on the government. Favorite targets are the rich, corporations, bankers, insurers, drug companies, oil companies, and tobacco companies, coal companies, gun manufacturers, and a host of “deplorables.” ObamaCare is a great trifecta for the Democrats as a mammoth redistributionist program. It raises taxes and creates new taxes, increases dependence on the government, and subjects 17% of the nation’s economy to government regulation and control. Every new program necessitates hiring more government workers. Bureaucracy grows, and with it the power of the public employee unions, the main funders of the modern Democratic Party. A wide chasm separates the parties.

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