Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Scores of Celebrities and Notables Accused of Sexual harassment and Assaults: Who's Next?

Scores of women, and a few men, have come forward with accusations of sexual harassment and assaults in the entertainment and media industry, politics, business, and just beginning in the academic profession. This blog compiles a list to date of the accused. A few caveats are in order. First, an accusation is not the same as guilt or even probable cause. Accusations are easy to make, difficult to rebut. Second, many of the accusations go back decades and would be very difficult to prove without collaborating evidence. That’s why we have statutes of limitation. Several of the accused lotharios and abusers involve personalities, like Harvey Weinstein, whose misdeeds were well known within their industry. Roger Ailes is the only deceased person on the list. This is a mostly complete list to date, December 5, 2017. Where’s the next shoe to fall? Who’s Next? THE LIST Ben Affleck Actor Casey Affleck Actor Woody Allen Actor, Director and Producer Ken Baker Correspondent Hadrian Belove Movie executive Eddie Berganza D.C. Comics John Besh Celebrity Chef Stephen Bittel Chair of the Florida Democratic Committee David Blaine Magician Steven Blackwell Billboard Magazine Eric Bolling Fox Nick Carter Singer Giuseppe Castellano Publisher Art Director Louis C. K. Comedian Bill Cosby Comedian and Actor David Corn Mother Jones Andy Dick Actor Richard Dreyfuss Actor Roger Ailes Fox Teddy Davis CNN Shadie Elnasias Movie Executive Adam Fields Producer Hamilton Fish Publisher Benjamin Genocchio Armory Director Gary Goddard Producer Tyler Grasham Agent Davis Guillod Producer Mark Halperin NBC Adam Henry Casting CSI John Hockenberry NPR Dustin Hoffman Actor Israel Horovitz Playwright Johnny Iuzzini Top Chef Rick Najera CBS Ron Jeremy Actor Ethan Kath Musician Garrison Keillor PBS R. Kelly Musician Robert Knepper Actor Andrew Kramer Lionsgate Andy Kreisberg Producer Knight Landesman Publisher John Lasseter Disney Matt Lauer NBC James Levine Met Opera Director Melanie Martinez Singer Danny Masterson Actor Benny Medina Agent Murray Miller HBO Jason Mojica and two co-workers Vice Media Matt Mondanile Musician Rick Najera CBS Bill O’Reilly Fox Michael Orestes NPR Shervin Pishevar Uber Jeremy Piven Actor Roman Polanski Director Roy Price Amazon Twiggy Ramirez Musician Brett Ratner Producer Tony Richardson Photographer Geraldo Rivera Fox Charlie Rose CBS Gilbert Rozon Festival Organizer Chris Savino Show Runner Mark Schwan Show Runner Robert Scoble Blogger Steven Seagal Actor Bill Shine Fox Andy Signore Defy Media Russell Simmons Producer Tom Sizemore Actor Kevin Spacey Actor Sylvester Stallone Actor Lockhart Steele Vox Media Oliver Stone Producer and Director David Sweeny NPR George Takai Actor Jeffrey Tambor Actor Glenn Thrush New York Times James Toback Director Adam Venik Agent Kirt Webster Public Relations Matt Weiner Producer Bob Weinstein Producer Harvey Weinstein Producer Jann Wenner Rolling Stone Bruce Weber Photographer Ed Westwick Actor Leon Wieseltier Publishing James Woods Actor Matt Zimmerman NBC Politicians Former Presidents William Clinton George H. W. Bush Former Vice President Al Gore Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger California (R) Members of Congress Senator Al Franken Minnesota (D) John Conyers Michigan (D) Joe Barton (R) Texas Blake Farenthold Texas ® Rueben Kihuan Nevada (D) Alabama Roy Moore (R) Arizona Dan Shooter (R) California Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D) Assemblyman Matt Dabaneh (D) Senator Tony Mendoza (D) Colorado Representative Steve Lebsock (D) Representative Paul Rosenthal (D) Illinois Senator Ira Silverstein (D) Kansas Senator Dan Kirby (R) Kentucky Senator Julian Carroll (D) Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover (R) Representatives Brian Linder (R) Jim DeCesare (R) Michael Meredith (R) Louisiana Johnny Anderson Staff of Lieutenant Governor Minnesota Representative Dan Schoen (D) Representative Terry Cornish (R) Missouri Senator Paul LeVota (D) House Speaker John Diehl (R) Representative Joshua Peters (D) Nevada Senator Mark Manendo (D) New Hampshire Representative Eric Schleien (R) New York Representative Steven McLaughlin (R) Representative Angela Wozniak (C) Ohio Representative Wesley Goodman (R) Senator Cliff Hite (R) Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey (R) Senator Bryce Marlatt (R) Representative Fourkiller (D) Representative Dan Kirby (R) Oregon Senator Jeff Kruse (R) Representative David Gomberg (D) South Dakota Senator Brian Gosch (R) Representative Matthew Wollman (R) Tennessee Representative Jeremy Durham (R) Representative Mark Lovell (R) Washington Representative Brendan Williams (D) Wisconsin House Majority Leader Bill Kramer (R) Representative Josh Zepnick (D) Portland Mayor Sam Adams Business Dov Charney American Apparel Steve Jurvetson Venture Capitalist Other Dr. Larry Nassar National Gymnastics Physician

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