Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year: Goodbye to the Lows of 2017

Happy New Year! Let us make resolutions for the New Year. Let us strive to keep them. And let us say goodbye to 2017 to the events that should not carry forward into 2018, but also the ones that need to continue. Here’s adios to 2017: The mainstream media and fake news. Several members of the media have abandoned any pretense of objectivity and routinely publish fake news in opposition to President Trump. The ones who have lost all objectivity include CNN, MSNBC and Newsweek. The Washington Post is also high on the list. The fact checkers, who should start fact checking their own media. The Never Trumpers, no matter what the President and his Administration achieve. The Russia Dossier. Clifford Irving (1930-2017), most famous for his hoax (he faked a Howard Hughes autobiography) would be proud of the fake Russia-Trump Dossier. The attacks on Christmas and Christianity. A Newsweek article “How Trump and the Nazis Stole Christmas to Promote White Nationalism.” The rise of Anti-Semitism. The War on Cops, not just the media attacks, political attacks, and Black Lives Matter, but especially the targeted shootings and killings of law enforcement officers. The homicide rates in Baltimore and Chicago. The stifling of free speech and muzzling of conservatives on the nation’s campuses. The rise of safe spaces and trigger warnings on our campuses. The mindless attack by academics on “White Privilege” Two recent examples: The University of Illinois Professor who wrote “On many levels, mathematics itself operates as whiteness.” The two San Diego State geology professors who contend farmers’ markets are “white spaces” which oppress minorities. The rise of fake racist attacks, as well as the actual racist attacks. The emergence of Antifa. The kneeling of NFL players. Iran and North Korea. “What Happened” by Hillary Rodham Clinton – She lost! Sanctuary cities and states Net Neutrality The Ball boys and dad at UCLA The natural disasters, especially the floods, hurricanes and California wildfires. Terrorism and other sordid acts of mass violence Here’s to next year: Energy prices and taxes dropping The fall of Hollywood titans and others on sexual harassment claims. For the new year, California joins the recreational pot states. You are now free to tune out the unfortunate events. A deeper draining of The Swamp The continual survival of Fox News Continuing into 2018 the “Making of America Great Again.”

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