Monday, January 30, 2017

President Trump's First 10 Days

FDR set off the precedence of the first 100 days. President Trump has done in his first ten days what some Presidents needed 100 days to accomplish. That should not be a surprise. He proved during the campaign that he is indefatigable. He showed during his career that he gets things done. His cabinet appointments were all solidly conservative. His actions carry out his campaign promises. Here’s what we have witnessed. President Trump is the same Donald Trump, the candidate. The media is on a daily diet of castigating President Trump on anything he does or doesn’t do. They hate him more than President Nixon. He loves jousting with and baiting the media since his supporters loathe the media. President Obama governed through executive orders. President trump is using executive orders to undo much of the damage of the Obama Administration. Executive orders on building the Wall, internal security, and entrants to the United States. Staring the demise of ObamaCare Executive order on reducing regulations. Ending the catch and release program Threatening to cut off federal funds to sanctuary cities Reviving the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines Nullifying the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Restructured the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council Executive orders draining the swamp – extending the time former officials can work as lobbyists: 5 years for government officials and a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments A hiring freeze on government employees What else has President Trump done? Canned the top remaining officials at the State Department, including the hapless Patrick Kennedy Terminated the CIA Director Dismissing the Border Patrol Chief Cutting of funding to international organizations that fund abortion The Bully Pulpit to bring jobs back to America and to retain jobs. Meeting labor officials and business leaders, who may have opposed his election. Meeting with Prime Minister Teresa May of Great Britain. Retrieving the Churchill Bust. The return of the Bust illustrates the anti-trump media frenzy. A reporter noticed the Bust’s return, but did not see the Martin Luther King Bust placed in the White House by President Obama. The media was in conniptions that he had removed the King Bust. The original reporter quickly realized the mistake and apologized profusely, but that did not stop the media from lambasting President Trump The rebirth of the Special Relationship with England and mending fences with Israel. All the while the Democrats only strategy seems to slow walk appointees, express outrage on President Trump’s acts, and demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court.

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